Short Lead Times on the World’s Best Woofers


Quick turnaround time on most models

Over the years, demand has grown significantly for Acoustic Elegance woofers.   There are many models to choose from, each specifically targeted toward the unique requirements for each application.  The TD woofers, know for their high efficiency and wide bandwidth, are at home in live sound, critical monitoring, high efficiency home theater, and hi end audio systems.  The Dipole and LO series set the standard for open baffle specific woofers.  The SBP woofers are the best woofers available for accurate reproduction in sealed enclosures.  The IBHT and IBAU woofers provide great performance and value in home theater and automotive infinite baffle applications respectively.  With so many options available to meet your specific needs, it is impossible to keep everything in stock.  We have chosen to take a different, more personal approach. While a few high demand woofers are kept in stock for immediate shipment, all other woofers are carefully hand crafted specifically for you when ordered.

Recently we have taken steps to greatly reduce the lead times required to produce these great woofers to fill your orders.  Steel T-yokes with Full Copper Faraday Sleeves applied are machined in higher quantity and stocked here.   Motors are assembled an in stock, ready to be used on YOUR new woofer. As a result, lead times for  most TD, SBP, Dipole, LO, IBHT, and IBAU woofers have been shortened to only around one week.

If you are interested in placing an order, please contact us at so we can verify voice coils availability in your chosen impedance.

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