SPB15 upgrade to IB15AU at March 7th, 2011 at 12:54 PM
IB15AU's are back in production. However, for those looking for the ultimate in car infinite baffle woofers, the SBP15 is still offered as a further upgrade. Those who want the best combination of SQ and SPL should look no further than the SBP15.

The SBP15 was primarily designed for critical monitoring applications in recording studios where small sealed boxes were required. They are featured in many studio installs throughout the world as well as hi-fi systems exceeding the $125,000 price point.

However, the SBP15 also happens to be an ideal driver for car audio infinite baffle applications as well. No other woofer you can put in your vehicle can compare to the accuracy and SQ. It uses the same 19mm thick top plate as the highly regarded TD Series woofers. This gives more motor strength and linearity than the IB15AU. The SBP15 is also more efficient. As with the IB15AU, power requirements are quite modest to get these woofers to playing extremely loud.

The SBP15 is available in both 4 and 8ohm voice coil options.

Here are the parameters for the SBP15-4ohm:
Fs: 21.3Hz
Qms: 5.35
Vas: 338L
Cms: .35mm/N
Mms: 152g
Xmax: 18mm
Sd: 825sqcm
Qes: .45
Re: 2.7ohm
Le: .3mH
Z: 4ohm
Bl: 11.1Tm
Qts: .41
1W SPL: 90.65dB
Pe: 500W

The SBP15 will be available to order immediately at $299 individually. Please email for current lead times as these woofers are built specifically for you once ordered, as are all of our woofers.