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    tb303 on · in reply to: TD12M or TD15M for low midrange application #51453

    Hi John,

    thanks a lot for the detailed response.

    I haven’t even thought about going vented, because I would be crossing them to sealed box subwoofers, but after playing around with some simulations it totally makes sense.
    The limiting factor of the system is indeed the midrange dome (~108dB SPLmax per channel).
    The reason I’d like to add the TD12M/TD15M to the system is because their low distortion characteristics seem to match the midrange/tweeter perfectly. The high efficiency/SPLmax is a nice addition to that.

    Which brings me to this question:

    If for some reason I decide to ditch the midrange domes and cross the TD12M/TD15M over directly to the tweeter, which would be ~1.8kHz in this case,
    would you still recommend the TD15M over the TD12M? Again, the tweeter would be mounted in a large waveguide to control dispersion. This would bring SPLmax of the system up to about 117dB per channel. Not sure if I need this much, but I’d want this to be a future proof acquisition 🙂

    Best regards

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    tb303 on · in reply to: Best 15" woofer choice for 3way studio monitor #11378

    Great. Thank you.

    Are there any harmonic distortion measurements available for the TD15S? Ideally with and without Apollo Upgrade.

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