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    pbc on · in reply to: Vertically Dual Opposed AV15H Question #11443

    What happened to Simon btw, hasn’t been on in ages..

    pbc on · in reply to: TD8 #11064

    Any update on these? Curious how they would work in enclosures similar to the Fusion Alchemy MTMs with the same waveguide and Cd?


    I assume they would have different cutout dimensions?


    pbc on · in reply to: Any update dual TD10M/NeoPro5i monitors? #3276

    Also, what are the cutouts require for the TD8x?

    pbc on · in reply to: Any update dual TD10M/NeoPro5i monitors? #3275

    Thanks John . I think the standard box is 1.3, but guess I could consider building my own. Only issue would be figuring out the crossover as I have no experience with it. Wonder if I could use a 2×4 minidsp to mock up a few active xovers before figuring out the right one and building some passives.

    What is the lead time on TD8Xs and price?

    Would I be giving up much in the mid range to say a high end brick and mortar 3 way design?

    pbc on · in reply to: Any update dual TD10M/NeoPro5i monitors? #3273

    @stryke wrote:

    @looneybomber wrote:

    In your last picture, was that with, or without the notch filter?

    In a previous post I asked about using different baffles, particularly one without the ports next to the tweeter. Because you’re getting the interactions that you are, are you going to keep tinkering with that baffle or scrap the tweeter flanking port design and move them to the top/bottom/rear?

    Lastly, I like the dual TD15m idea. Both the 5i and dual 15m’s should have the same sensitvity with 2.83v’s…but that introduces beaming (even more so than with the 10’s). Is there a formula to figure out at what frequency beaming starts in relation to driver diameter? I know it happens lower down the bigger you get, but there has to be a way of predicting it, or does the hyperbolic curve of the 15m’s cone help pervent it more so than a strait cone would?

    I may have to give you a call tomorrow.

    I’m actually going to plan on the taller cabinet with ports above and below the 10″ drivers. This makes for a slightly taller cabinet, but then it doesnt’ need to be as deep either. It gets more reasonable to mount this in some kind of a decorative column on the wall then as well. I had hoped with the sort of horn shape to the faceplate the diffraction issues wouldn’t be so bad, but I was wrong.

    The pair of TD15M’s really are overkill for this. The sensitivity seems to be a little less on the ribbon than specified. I did no level matching at all to pull the tweeter down. What you see is what it was. Level is nearly perfect with the pair of 10″ drivers. The 10’s also have thermally and displacement limited output that is a good 6dB or more higher than the ribbon as long as they are crossed above 50Hz to a subwoofer. I could make 16ohm version of the 15″ so a pair would match pretty closely the ribbon, but at that point you’re much better looking at the BMS coax compression driver as in this cabinet here:

    A pair of those crossed over at 80hz to a bank of subwoofers will fill a 1000+ person venue quite well. They reached levels of 118dB or so at a mix position 40-50ft from the stage. They would be appropriate for real 300+ seat movie theaters.


    Sorry to revive and old thread. Would a build like this using two td8’s instead of the 10s and one of the EOS-8 work and provide ample output for say a 5000cubic foot room? Literally thinking of a similar sized box to this…


    Obviously would have to figure out the xover, but thinking aloud about drivers and keeping the box size down for WAF. Would be crossed at around 80-100 to my dual opposed AV15h subs.

    pbc on · in reply to: TD8 #11057

    What is the cost and expected availability of these drivers? Also, how do the specs change with the Apollo upgrade and what is the cost per speaker?


    pbc on · in reply to: 10" Car sub, Stock amp, no box… #9457

    Thanks, do you know if John has any templates as to where the mounting holes end up fitting? I know the JL fits perfectly, but the Kicker people are using needs a ring to fit (see below for instance).

    Curious as to how the IB10 in 8ohm would compare to these two?

    pbc on · in reply to: 10" Car sub, Stock amp, no box… #9455

    Found the specs on the IB10, wouldn’t work for my application as I need an 8ohm driver or a DVC 4ohm so I could wire it in series to hit 8ohm.

    pbc on · in reply to: 10" Car sub, Stock amp, no box… #9453

    Are there prices listed anywhere?

    pbc on · in reply to: 10" Car sub, Stock amp, no box… #9451

    Here is the existing driver …

    Here is essentially where it needs to fit …

    The motor/VC will hang down into the trunk so I’ll have to be somewhat careful not to bang it up too much, similar to the JL Audio 10W1V2-8 used here (which apparently is a perfect fit, but has a very low efficiency and I have to use the stock amp so want something at least 87db to 90 if possible).

    pbc on · in reply to: 10" Car sub, Stock amp, no box… #9450

    Yeah, the driver would simply replace the stock 8-9″ Faital cheap driver that currently resides in the back (essentially downfires into the trunk though in this case I’d have to reverse it).

    I don’t see any IB10’s available in the store either?

    pbc on · in reply to: 10" Car sub, Stock amp, no box… #9448

    No box, and not in a rush. I don’t recall seeing an AV10 back when I bought my AV15s for my HT. Any updates on specs of the 10s and availability?

    pbc on · in reply to: IB15/AV15H Pricing and Availability. #9196

    John – are the “new” AV drivers coming out going to have the same specs as the “old” AV drivers? I’ve been quite happy with the SQ in particular of my dual, dual opposed AV15H setup, and may one day have to add some more to the mix should I move into a larger room or build another room that requires a sub or 2 (or 3).

    Also had a chance to hear the AV12X in a box made by Funkywaves recently, and it could be that I was predisposed given the fact that I’ve been using AV15s in my system for the last 1.5 years, but I really liked the sound of that driver compared to my SVS Ultra 13 and HSU VTF-15 that we were also comparing to. In particular with music and other scenes with upper mid-bass.

    pbc on · in reply to: Dual AV15H Build – Did I make a Booboo!? HELP!! #6888

    By the way, here are the most recent pics of my build thus far …


    Just one of the two subs are close to finishing. Waiting for my final 2 drivers before gluing up the rest of my second sub, just in case!

    pbc on · in reply to: Dual AV15H Build – Did I make a Booboo!? HELP!! #6887

    Thanks, John ended up sending me this ….


    Here’s the main page…


    May be a good idea to make this a sticky somewhere!

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