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    myloth on · in reply to: Menagerie #35397

    Well it’s not a Monte Carlo it’s full size so the trunk is fairly deep between 15-19″ depending front to back. I have two Alpine Type rs in a sealed box with the amps sitting on top of the box and there is room to spare! One reason people love B Bodies (caprice ,Impala etc) is there roomy trunks and Wheel wells. The type Rs are ok but eh even with a
    800w they aren’t all that. I want bass like when I built a dual 15″ house sub with a 500w
    plate amp now that was earth shaking!

    Anyway the infinite baffle is doable and probably would be have better response then
    the sealed 12s do. I know an infinite baffle reduces interference in the drivers resonant frequency response and in my past experiments has sounded better to me. However in a true IB the driver is on a baffle infinitely wide and tall, so the only way to do it is separate the trunk from the cabin and put the subs in between is that what you mean?
    My rear tray can actually fit 12s but I have concerns about blowing the window out lol.
    My window is not normal glass it a 3pc window glued together that maybe just a tad paranoid though.

    myloth on · in reply to: 15" Sealed box #3286

    Internal Volume is 127 liters it’s one box currently sealed.It was made for some woofers I had that just did not work out.

    The speakers I’m mating them to are full-range and have bass down to at least 50hz.I don’t think the single sub directionality is a big issue so I am just using this one box for bass below 80hz.

    Loudness eh maybe 107-109db@20hz would work, efficiency would be nice but not a huge need.Bigger amps are not that much money so.

    Does this make it clearer John?

    myloth on · in reply to: 15" Sealed box #3284


    myloth on · in reply to: 15" Sealed box #3283

    Well this strictly for sub use low frequency under 100hz .This is to supply low freq for a pair speakers that only go down to about 50hz ,Aside from that I want a kick $#^ sub that will rock the house.

    Seriously though I am not a fan of vented enclosures but PRs I do like I had few PR subs in the past.

    As I mentioned no 12s.I am a little uncertain of what drivers you are talking about as I do not see any documentation on them.If you could enlighten me maybe.

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