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    mfishmike on · in reply to: Dual TD12S for center speaker #6641

    @robertz wrote:

    I really need a speaker that has a good quality.

    Well, pick the right one for your needs and place your order!

    I’ll use the Lambda drivers for every application I can from now on :mrgreen:

    mfishmike on · in reply to: Dual TD12S for center speaker #6639

    You can’t go wrong with John’s builds. I’ve never had one of his Lambdas fail on me yet. I’ve got another driver from a well know builder on my dining room table disassembled trying to source parts to rebuild it after only 11 months of use. The coils are fried and I’m using high end gear and low frequency protecton and filters. I’m seeing some bad machining on the pole piece and motor assembly. If John’s drivers will fit your needs, buy ’em and you’ll love ’em. I drive the p… out of them and my main’s drivers have been in since 2004. Sound reproduction is lifelike~~~~

    I’m a customer for life now.

    mfishmike on · in reply to: T18H+ for sub duty? #9840

    Thanks very much Simon. I’ll be checking with the speaker doc next week and I’m just hoping he can repair it. I was tuned at 15 hz and reached well below that for some very dramatic musical kick drums and movie experiences. I am so proud of the Lamda line that I don’t mind sacrificing a little to get quality.

    I’ll keep in touch…


    mfishmike on · in reply to: T18H+ for sub duty? #9837

    @mike P. wrote:

    What you have in mind here should be modeled first to make sure the results are what you’re looking for. Just a suggestion as I have a suspicion this setup won’t model very well.

    I know just the right person to do that for me. The speaker doc won’t be in until next week. I’m not committed to any driver yet and the fs of Bob’s PR is just under 23hz before loading mass. The drawback to Johns 18H+ for me right now is the high FS.

    I need to email Bob to find out what the maximum grams I can load to that PR so I’ll have a bette idea on the modeling. I never heard back from Kevin.

    I wouldn’t spend $l,000 on a couple of drivers until it is modeled. By going ahead and buying the PR, at least I know I’ll have one if I ever need it. There are no more of them in that size. It would make a great Pretzel bowl during the football games if nothing else, and almost as expensive as crystal.

    Thanks Mike P. :mrgreen:

    mfishmike on · in reply to: T18H+ for sub duty? #9835

    @mike P. wrote:

    The remaining Exodus 21″ PR’s were sold to CSS. They are currently on sale for $150 which also includes shipping.

    Hey Mike P…..Boy, you sure get around. Welcome to John’s site. I just purchased one of Bob’s remaining 21″ PRs a minute ago thanks to you!!!

    Th Speaker Surgeon advertises cone and surrounds and didn’t open until I was gone to the mulch yard dumping some trees I cut down. I’ll call them after lunch. It looks like I’ll have the triple PR setup after all.

    My sincere gratitude Mr. Mike…. 8)

    mfishmike on · in reply to: T18H+ for sub duty? #9833

    Hi Simon,

    I appreciate you taking the time so see what you can come up with because it seems that there is no replacement 21s on the market that is even close in comparison. I refuse to buy anythng from Thilo Thumpler and won’t go into any details. I think you may have been around long enough to know why already.

    I’ve just finished pulling that 21″ Maelstrom driver from the cabinet. I had a chain hoist handy! Tomorrow I am going to take it to the Speaker Surgeon, a company who rebuilds live band equipment drivers and see if they can do anything with it. I’m digging through the files tonight to get the parameters. It did look like I saw some burning and I thought I smelled it for about 6 months before it failed. I did manage to find a spot near the L speaker just across the parting wall that will allow me to use it if I can fix it. So in your modeling, my existing cabinet is 24″ square with 1.25 thick mdf walls, heavy bracing, 1/2 polyfil, 4 of John’s 18″ 2100 gram passives and a 13 cu ft cabinet space. I’ll post tomorrow night and let you know if they think they can do anything with it.
    Thanks, Mike

    Edit….I just got a wild thought Simon…If I can’t fix the driver, then what about leaving the 21″ in the cabinet as a passive install two of the T18H’s in place of two of the 18 passives. That will give me a a pair of paralleled Lambdas on opposite sides of the cabinet, a passive on each side, plus the dead driver on the front with a 13 cu ft. cabinet to use as a passive.

    I have spent a lot of time an money on this cabinet and grill work. I think I can even buy another 21″ passive from the original supplier and replace the 21″ driver with his 21″ passive. It is one of the few items I think he has left at a bargain to move it.I just emailed the distributor to see if he had any of his 21″ passives left. They have a high FS of around 23 if I remember correctly, but that is better than leaving the driver left in its place.

    mfishmike on · in reply to: T18H+ for sub duty? #9831

    20hz box tuning, or 20 hz listening frequency limit? We can hear bass down to about 18hz, but the lower bass extension found in movie explosions, kick drums, kettle drums and etc are also important. The reason I built such a monster tuned to 15 hz in the first place was to get as much good, smooth, and well defined bass as I could. The passives do really help in that area. I can build a taller cabinet than the typical cube junk in the stores, but I need to keep the wall space as minimal as possible, so an 18″-20″ square with a 4′ (or more) height would work. I moved from a home with a 20 x 24 foot L/R to a 11′ x ll’ L/R. I would like to be able to crank it up as well during the day and on weekends, but evening listening needs to be low volumes yet still be well defined. My big one did that for me. I’ve never heard one that could compete with it and I’ve built, bought, and auditioned a lot of ’em. Remember, I do have 2700 watts of real clean power available. The amp has plenty of reserve capacitance.
    Thanks Simon

    mfishmike on · in reply to: T18H+ for sub duty? #9829

    I need it as small as possible due to my new living room. I browsed the store and did I miss the AV 15s? Are they available? If so, one or two in a smaller box with a couple of passives? I’m missing not having a sub and even stooped to the Magnolia store to see their offerings. I asked for a barf bag after listening to a couple of them….that’s why we DIY…

    mfishmike on · in reply to: Twin TD12S 8 ohm in parallel? #9276

    Well, after looking at all of the numbers on the 3 channel Emotiva I’m using, I’ve compared it to their flagship XPA-1 Monoblock. 500 watts @ 8 ohms and 1000 at 4 ohms. I was pushing it to it’s limits and I’m sure there was some amount of clipping going on which could have burn’t up the inductors. One main’s 3 mh inductor was shorted and both boards were burned on the backside, so I know they were hot. The shorted inductor is what probably popped the board in the amp.

    The strange thing is that these amps have heat sink fins inside the case and no cooling fans?

    The new 15 gauge inductors rated for 500 watts in both the woofer and midrange portion of the crossovers should help along with a monoblock that won’t be straining to deliver the power I’m looking for.

    Thanks for the help Simon5 :mrgreen:

    mfishmike on · in reply to: Twin TD12S 8 ohm in parallel? #9274

    Hi Simon,

    The DCR is lower with the 15 gauge or .64 ohms. The 18 gauge is .99 ohms.

    The crossover has been great until I got the Emotiva and it has allowed me to crank up the speakers like I really want them to sound…let’s say front row at the Crossroads Festival. I popped a board at the same time the inductor burned. I’m running #12 gauge wiring to the speaker, so I’m just abusing the amp. They are coming out with their XPR line later on, so I’ll just keep it trimmed to about 100 db and enjoy the fruits of my labor until the newer release amps. I hit Audiogon for some used Krell or Levinson and hid like a tortoise in a mine field. Bad economy and just getting by… You won’t catch me using a pro audio amp for my mains. I want and expect detail so I only use those in my subwoofer builds. I’m happy with my Face Audio TS1200 which pumps out 2700+ watts bridged to mono at 4 ohms.

    I do have XoverPro3 and know how to use it well enough now, so worse comes to worse, I’ll go back in and re-calculate all the numbers. I too, think they are fine. Been running smooth for 7.5 years with Rotel, NAD, Onkyo, Denon, and now the Emotiva….

    Thanks again Simon5

    mfishmike on · in reply to: Twin TD12S 8 ohm in parallel? #9272

    Hi again Simon5,

    I’ve included the crossover schematic. I don’t use either modeling program. Can you make any sense of what my load would be knowing that I’ve got the 15 gauge inductors in the low and bandpass portion of the posted crossover? The larger inductors lower the DCR. My main concern is that I’m not presenting a load to the amp that is lower than 4 ohms. If I’m ok there, then the XPA-3 just can’t handle my speakers at those outrageous sound levels.

    I’ve included a pic of my xovers before I changed the woofer and mid inductors to 15 gauge.


    mfishmike on · in reply to: Dual TD12S for center speaker #6636

    @taterworks wrote:

    @mfishmike wrote:

    With John’s Lambda speakers, the flat mdf passive radiators, and his personal help, this has got to be the best sounding system in my city!

    And the least wife-friendly. 😆

    Quite the contrary…. I leave the grills on and they look very good! With the dual side surrounds and twin center backs, she enjoys the movie theater & music concert quality reproduction. We get the same comments from those who come over for auditions. All I need to do is use a wife friendly movie or concert for her. :mrgreen:

    mfishmike on · in reply to: Dual TD12S for center speaker #6633

    The new soundstage and presence due to the addition of the dual 12″ TD12s Lambdas for my center speaker made my 65″ TV look too small so I’ve now upgraded to Mitsubishi’s 82″er. WOW what a television! With John’s Lambda speakers, the flat mdf passive radiators, and his personal help, this has got to be the best sounding system in my city!

    Thanks my friend,

    mfishmike on · in reply to: Dual TD12S for center speaker #6630

    @simon5 wrote:

    That’s nice, Clapton is not for me, but I understand your joy in listening to music distortion free and loud. It’s a real pleasure to me also. Can’t never get enough of it ! 8)

    Good luck on your wednesday exam !


    Ahh, I listen to a lot of different stuff. It was the 2004 Ft. Worth concert with many, many musicians. It’s an awesome double disc DVD set.

    I must say again that these 6 Lambdas in my fronts and center are fantastic! I am so happy with them!! They get better by the day! 😛

    I passed my Texas Masters Electrical exam! Thanks for your support. A lot of doors have just opened up for me…..not just sure which one to use it yet…….


    mfishmike on · in reply to: Dual TD12S for center speaker #6628

    Thank you Simon5…(I test again Wednesday)….

    I felt I need to make a last post to this center speaker build thread after listening to my system for the past 3 hours. I listened to Eric Clapton’s 2007 Crossroad album. I listened to it at 100 dB all the way through, distortion free, and I am so happy!

    I am completely astonished and overwhelmed at the final results.

    The power, the clarity and detail in my speakers, and having such a large and capable speaker array is somthing to cherish, behold, and be so thankful for. My system which is finally completed after several years of building, changing out drivers and gear, testing new equipment; and the disappointments along with the highs I’ve endured during all of my builds is finally over.

    I’ve just experienced an all time high and satisfaction after listening to this album with my new center speaker installed. This a personal goal that I set for myself years back; a system I could be happy with.

    I wanted great, but couldn’t afford to buy the marked up fancy enclosures at the high end audio stores which I don’t think sound as good as mine do, and I have achieved a great satisfaction with my DIY speakerbuilding. I encourage everyone to don’t give up if a build fails. Like Diana Krall sings, “Just do it again!”

    After the addition of the very nice center speaker, I’ve noticed a complete “concert like” soundstage that I never knew that I could get out of a home theater. I bitstreamed my OPPO BD83 through my Denon 5308CI(A) and the performance was in 1080p with 7 channel DTS surround.

    One suggestion I have for each one of you during your home theater build, is to have a very capable center speaker because today’s material and decoding sends so much information to that speaker now. I used to be a “stereo only” guy when it came to music concerts, but that has changed. Movies are equally as good.

    Today is the first day since I’ve finished it that I could sit for 3 hours cranked up and really enjoy that front row, center chair reference point I refer to sometimes in my posts. At 100 dB, it was breath taking. I wanted to go on up to 120 dB to push the limits of my subwoofer, but that would have been both stupid and could cause hearing damage, not to say that 100 db won’t.

    The Lambda drivers are what makes my system sound so well along with John’s mdf flat passive radiators. There are none any better. Many thanks to both John and Simon5.

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