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    captainobvious on · in reply to: IB15 airspace requirement question #8336

    @simon5 wrote:

    John told me that it should take approximately 4 weeks due to the current backlog.

    The Titanic sealed with a 1000W amplifier will be louder in the midbass than a single IB15, but with dual IB15, you should have similar midbass, if not slightly more, and much much more low end.

    The mains I’m working on building utilize a pair of Usher 8955A drivers per side so I should have very good, low distortion bass response mating up with the IB15s. Since they will be used from about 60hz and down, I think they should do nicely.

    Time to order ! 🙂

    captainobvious on · in reply to: IB15 airspace requirement question #8334

    @simon5 wrote:

    1. Max recommended power is 300W per IB15, so a maximum of 600W for two is enough. You can use less.

    2. No idea, I’ll try to reach John. Usually it’s 3 weeks, but I don’t know what’s the backlog.

    3. It depends on you, hard to know how much bass do you want… It will be fairly loud, but everyone has different needs… Loudness is comparable as using two 15 inches sealed subwoofers, but with much much more low end, but similar midbass performance. 8)

    Well, a friend currently uses a single 15″ Dayton Titanik subwoofer sealed in about 3-4cubes with a 1K plate amp and it gets plenty loud. So if 2 of the IB15’s will get close to the SPL level and play much cleaner (which Im sure they will) and deeper (pretty much no doubt here), then that would be perfect for my needs.

    Please let me know what kind of wait time I’m looking at after assessing the backlog of orders with John. Depending on that, I may have an order for you. Thanks again.

    captainobvious on · in reply to: IB15 airspace requirement question #8332

    Thank you Simon. Should be fairly easy then to find a suitable floor grate for the job. A few more questions-

    1. How much power is recommended for a pair of the 8ohm IB15’s ? I’ll be wiring them in parallel for a 4ohm load. What amount of power do they reach xmax at ?
    2. What (if any) is the current wait time on these for ordering?
    3. My room is an open floorplan with a combined space livingroom/dining room. The measurements are (im guessing as Im not there to measure currently) somewhere in the neighborhood of 20′ x 40′. the subs would be put basically under the floor about 8 feet infront of the listening location. Would 2 IB15’s be sufficient for this ?


    captainobvious on · in reply to: Car Audio Woofers #5500

    Im also very interested in the 8″ midbasses. I currently run the Peerless SLS in the doors, and would love to see what John comes up with. You said you have pre-orders for these already. Whats the price point for the 8’s ? I may have to look into getting on that list 😉

    captainobvious on · in reply to: IB15A for sale $100 shipped #5677

    Consider the IB15A sold 🙂

    PM coming your way.

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