Yet one more introduction, another friend – Mark Eldridge!

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    dB on #107

    Hello Everyone,

    One last introduction to make. In case you didn’t catch it already – he let the cat out of the bag before I got the Bio over in Nousaine’s intro thread. Please join me in giving Mark Eldridge a warm welcome.

    Mark is no stranger in the IASCA/USAC competition field. Besides numerous trophies he has wracked up – his business centers around tuning and analyzing high-end mobile music reproduction systems. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom in Oklahoma several years back and have been happy to have him as a good friend and. Over the years he has worked for Kicker, and JBL building their competition vehicals, and come to know just a ‘few’ things about Auto-Sound 🙂 One of the things I most appreciate about Mark (Outside of his absolutely INSANE show car building skills) is his sense and appreciation of Good Sound. Outside of having access to the full weight of factory support in his last two major rolls, and being able to build the craziest wikkid loud vehicals – he preffers to build car’s that hold SQ over all else – and he does indeed have a good set of ears 🙂 (Well for the most part, don’t ever ask him about the Bella-Fleck Demo he gave me and his midbasses :)) In all seriousness.. Mark know’s his stuff, know’s car audio, and will be hanging around popping in once in a while for a look-see, and to generally make some of his vast autosound knowledge available to our forum members.

    Below are a fewe titles he holds to his credit – and once he get’s me his version of his Bio – Iand his Bio:

    1996 CMAA Finals – Pro 1001+ National Champion
    1997 MES Invitational – Invitational Round of 25 Champion
    1997 IASCA World Finals – Expert 601+ SQ World Champion
    1997 IASCA World Finals – Expert 601+ SQ+ World Champion
    2000 USAC World Finals – Expert Best of Show
    2000 IASCA World Finals – Expert 601+ World Champion
    2000 USAC World Finals – Expert 601+ World Champion
    2001 SISC (Perry, GA) – Invitational Round of 25 Champion

    Mark Eldridge has been involved in the car audio professionally since 1992. He was a serious enthusiast before then, beginning his troubled ways in 1978 when he installed his first “high performanceâ€

    Anonymous on #1986

    Mark, I hope we can keep in touch.

    Your name brings up many fond memories of hearing and judging your incredible 4Runner…. especially one time in Perry when I played an old Dixieland jazz disc. It seems so long ago… and it seems like yesterday.

    I’m now in Austin, so there are more chances for us to get together.

    Best regards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Travis Gibby on #1987

    Welcome Mark! Good to have you. 🙂

    Mark Eldridge on #1988

    Thanks guys!

    Yea, Bill, I remember your CD. Pretty interesting recording with all the natural ambient sounds, and even all the little “unplanned” noises in the background during the recording.

    Doug told me you are in Austin now. Great place to live…! And one of the very best places to see and hear live music! Wish I lived closer…


    Anonymous on #1989

    That disc was The Firehouse Five Plus Two… Live At Disneyland. An old analog recording that shows that analog can sound great…. if things are done right… just like digital can sound great….. if things are done right.

    The sound of the washboard (probably being played with thimbles) on the track “Coney Island Washboard” can sound harsh and horrible through some systems… but it sure sounded great through yours.

    If you come down Austin way, let’s get together; my favorite place to hear music is the Cactus Cafe; I’m willing to go there no matter who is performing because it’s small and the acoustics are fine.

    Mark Eldridge on #1990

    I haven’t had the pleasure of the Cactus Cafe yet, at least not in person…

    One of my favorite discs is Monte Montgomery Live “New and Approved” which was recorded there. I fanyone reading this doesn’t have that disc, GET IT!!! The recording itself is pretty good, but the performance is outstanding! Monte is unreal on the electric-acoustic guitar, and Phil Bass is awesome on the drums. (Only these two playing on this disc). The one track that just blows me away every time is Monte playing Mark Knopfler’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

    If you ever get the chance to see Monte and his band live, do so.

    We used to frequent all the old live music places around 6th Street, before it became the “fashionable” place to hang out.

    Man, I need a good Austin Live Music Fix………… 🙂


    Anonymous on #1991

    Mark, I know what you mean about live music. It inspires and relaxes, excites and satisfies. Nothing like it… but I still like to work on improving the quality of systems that make music.

    May I ask what you’re doing now?

    I’ve had two freelance jobs since being laid off from ROAD GEAR on Nov. 11…… I have done a little work on a Website called I don’t have a lot of money or time to get it started, but I have dreams… and a few manufacturers have expressed support.

    rob-formica on #1992

    Mark and Bill (ohhh… I mean William 😉 ) welcome …

    Mark, dB has done an excellent job at “setting up” the Bella-Fleck Demo story… so please feel free to elaborate. Although I’m not familiar with the story (mishap?), I am familiar with Victor Wooten as well as Bella-Fleck who seem to be popular midbass demo disks at events I’ve attended.

    Yes, I am usually the one who steps across the do not trespass signs as well… after all asking someone not to go there is like begging them too… 😳

    BTW, although both of you have your origins in the auto sound field… feel free to check into the home audio forums as well, where AE has many supporters. AE are recognized for their SQ… a essential feature for home DIY’ers.

    Welcome on board…

    Anonymous on #1993

    You can call me Bill; I like William on mastheads and bylines and such because it has a little more authority, but Bill is fine for everything else.

    If “Bill” is good enough for William Jefferson Clinton when he’s playing the sax and being casual, it’s good enough for me…… but sometimes I want to be in the company of William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, and William Blake……. it’s hard for people to take me seriously!

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