Witch 15" for use in a sealedbox around 140 liters?

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    octaviars on #1339

    Hi this is my first post here at the AE forum hope that someone will help me with my questions.

    Up to today I have hade a Dayton RSS 390HF4 in a sealed box around 150 liters but dissided to sell it and my iNuke1000 amplifier. As I was looking around and spoke to others here in Sweden who have been in contact with AE elements and they spoke very well about them so i thougt I would check them out.

    But the many diffrent models make it quit confusing for someone who is a amature in building bassboxes, so my question is witch 15″ model is the best for a sealed application around 140 liters (around 4.8 cubic)? I`m considering buing a mini dsp and driving the subwoofer with a bridged iNuke 3000 in 8 or 4 ohms depending on the need for power.

    The subwoofer is only used for bottom support to my Focal Electra 1038Be and mostly for music not many movies.

    Kind regards Fredrik.

    Adhoc on #11312

    SPB15 is good for sealed small boxes and a 140 L one / 4,9 ft³ should work out well. If you make a search on SPB15 on this forum, you will find some simulations by John.

    stryke on #11313

    Yes, the SBP15 is going to be the best option without EQ. If you have EQ available then go for the TD15S. They use the same coil but the TD15S has no added mass. You can simply EQ down the upper end, giving the same low end response but end up with less distortion up high.

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