Will Dipole15 and Dipole18 work together?

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    tuyen on #1278

    I have 4 Dipole18 at the moment. Going to run 2 per side in a h frame type baffle. Now I have the opportunity to attain 4 Dipole15 drivers.

    The ‘bass channel’ is used all the way upto 300hz.

    Would they both work together if I build suitable h frame baffles and just link them up with same amp? Or will it sound a bit off due to different driver parameters?

    EQ is controlled via DSP (FabFilter Pro Q).

    Cheers guys,

    stryke on #11130

    Hi Tuyen,

    I would not suggest having the 2 different drivers playing the same frequency range. Typically you never want 2 different drivers to be playing the same frequency range. The only exception is at the crossover point where the two drivers are overlapping but it is critical to have the crossover done correctly so the phase stays coherent throughout that range. In your case, there will be time differences between the two size drivers which would not be desirable.


    tuyen on #11131

    Thanks John. Makes sense.

    Guess I better start saving if I want to move from 2 dipole18 to 4 dipole18 per side 🙂

    Unless… since I’ll be using 4way electronic xo, I could always try use the dipole18 to do upto 80hz (for example) and the dipole15 to do between 80-200hz. In a 18-15-15-18 type config. May probably end In a mess.

    stryke on #11132

    I wouldn’t suggest the 4 way using both Dipole15 an Dipole18 splitting at 80hz. It adds more complication to the system. The Dipole18 can play up to 200hz very well and have more efficiency than the Dipole15.

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