What version of the IB15-8 do I have?!?

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    rmeinke on #1261

    Hello from Neenah!
    I recently purchased a pair of AE IB15-8 off the Parts Express forum however the IB15’s I received look more like the Dipole 15s?!? They have foam surrounds, a single 8 ohm coil and small dimpled poly cone. Can you tell me what version of the IB I have and what the specs are?!?

    Hoping they will work well in a Open Baffle. I am intending to build and OB 2 way. AE woofers driven by a set of Yung 300W plate amps and then a Tang Band W4 or W5 Neo Tang Band bamboo full-ranger on top with passive XOver and BSC. I have a fairly small room so high SPL is not really required. Any suggestions or observations of how the IB would perform in this configuration would be appreciated.

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    stryke on #11071

    These were the original IB15’s we made to blow out surplus Lambda Acoustics parts about 8-9 years ago. They can work in this situation and the Q is fairly high as desired for an OB. However, they have no copper sleeve on the pole which means they have none of the benefits of low, linear inductance, low flux modulation, etc. They also don’t have the underhung motor of the Dipole series. We ended up adding the copper sleeve to the pole on every woofer we make since that time. They do have a 2 layer round copper coil so they have fairly low inductance to begin with. Unfortunately I do not have the parameters for those anymore. I lost a lot of information when a hard drive went bad about 5 years ago. If you are going to go open baffle, my suggestion is to build the baffle, measure, and then just EQ the response as you want. That is really the best process with most any OB speaker.

    rmeinke on #11072


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