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    T3mpest on #1068

    I have an av15 that is blown. The coil isn’t burned. No scraping noises when I push on it and it feels totally normal. Both terminal sets don’t read with a dmm. What do these symptoms mean happened to it.

    simon5 on #10481

    Hello T3mpest, you say they don’t read ? There’s continuity or there’s infinity resistance ?

    T3mpest on #10483

    not 100% sure.. Nothing comes up on the dmm. No numbers it just acts like it’s not hooked up to anything. when I put it to either set of terminals.

    simon5 on #10482

    Does it have a manually adjustable scale ? Can you put it in megaohms ?

    It could be as simple as the coil wire desoldered from the terminal solder joint. Try to measure the coil directly behind the terminals or something.

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