What are YOU listening to right now?

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    Taterworks on #1788

    Red – End Of Silence

    …on my Bose Acoustimass 3 setup. The main speakers and sub are in need of serious overhaul, and I need to design for reduced weight this time. The Bose are tolerable for the time being, but I really miss my main system.

    simon5 on #1789

    Reduced weight ? May I suggest Baltic Birch Plywood ? 8)

    Taterworks on #1790

    I’m thinking that I’ll do a sort of skeletal construction thing with the drivers themselves cinched down into layers of plywood and a plywood inner bracing system, but the outer layers of the box will still be MDF.

    simon5 on #1791

    You should give it a second thought maybe?

    A sheet of MDF 3/4″ is anywhere between 85-100 lbs.
    A sheet of Baltic Birch Plywood is near 60 lbs.

    Significant weight savings. Stronger and better material all around, except a bit harder to machine and a bit less damping, but much less resonance since it’s so much stiffer.

    You won’t save anything by doing the skeleton in plywood and the panels in MDF. You could do it the other way around, but doing a skeleton in MDF, well… hahaha!

    Anyway, good luck !

    MaximumPuffer on #1792

    Right now I’m listening to Mercenary The Hours that Remain, I’m probably the only one on this board who is into metal 😈 If anyone else here is into metal please speak up it would be nice to know I’m not the only one :mrgreen:

    audiorailroad on #1793

    i have opeth lamentations in the changer along with dream theater 6 degrees of inner turbulence. for some reason i can just let em spin over and over…………..

    simon5 on #1794

    I’m into Metal also. Not a specific kind, will listen to almost anything as long as I find it good.

    audiorailroad on #1796

    i got youtube fired up and this is what i’m hearin:


    from 5:25 to 6:10 always sends chills up my spine. the only other song to do this to me is dream theater the glass prison.

    simon5 on #1795

    Opeth isn’t really my kind of group, but it’s true that the part of song you talk about is great stuff ! 8)

    stryke on #1797

    I’ve seen Dream Theater 3 times in concert. I’ve been a fan since Images and Words. All extremely talented musicians. Check out the covers they’ve done of Master of Puppets and the whole Pink Floyd Darkside album as well.


    dgilme on #1798

    U2 Rattle and Hum bluray here. They are coming near us this summer on tour with Muse should be a great show.

    audiorailroad on #1799

    i didn’t really care for the master cover but the floyd cover gets no better than this:

    i have alot of time on my hands so i get to watch alot of youtube.

    Tiramis on #1800

    I have opend Red songs for me this week…

    Anonymous on #1801

    I am very glad to find a music forum for I am really very like music,and I like to listen different series of music,for example,classic music,rock music and light music.Now I am listening
    Michael Jackson’s songs of Beat it.

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