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    stryke on #9344

    We had announced over a year ago that the AV woofers would be discontinued. We just had too many issues with parts supply to overcome. We will have some new things coming out hopefully before the end of the year that will satisfy the customers who had hoped to purchase AV woofers. The price points will be quite different than before though.

    piyush7243 on #9345

    Heard that AV line is going to be back. Any updates on this same or eta or i can book something

    stryke on #9346

    We have shipped out 50pcs of the new AV woofer with our CNC machined aluminum frames. Pricing is currently $799 on them.

    T3mpest on #9347

    I have a AV15h-d2 that needs a recone, can you do that for a reasonable price? I only paid 300 new for this speaker from you and 4 years ago and it’s spent almost half that time broken unable to be reconed since you didnt’ have materials. The frame AFAIK is where most of the new price point is coming from so the recone shouldn’t be “that” expensive.. I mean I want to pay you for your time and materials, just worried since the price on the new ones is over 2x the old ones that recones wont’ be realistic, which sucks since I like this driver and would like my pair back

    stryke on #9348

    At this time we do not have parts to rebuild these. We have yet to find spiders that can replace those used in the originals.

    piyush7243 on #9349

    Wow. That’s too much of a price hike. Anything changed from the original line or they are sadness everywhere except basket

    stryke on #9350

    We are looking at a few options for voice coils, spiders, etc. Cones and dustcaps are being done differently as well. Frames being CNC machined and bolted together does have cost. That is a requirement to go with dual mirror imaged spiders with a 1″ spacer between. That lowers distortion further and keeps the coil from rocking at high excursions. It really is an all around different woofer and cost needs to reflect that.

    T3mpest on #9351

    Can you tell me the coil specs of the original AV15h? Well not original original, the one from a few years back , like 2008ish. I’m trying to source something that will fit and IIRC it has pretty tight tolerances on that motor. Odds are it’ll be chinese and not as good, but I’m working with what I can get lol. The AV’s have such nice motors it’s a shame for it to have to set and not be good for anything.

    stryke on #9352

    The coil ID on the AV15H is 2.485″ and winding is 2.1″ long 4 layer flatwire copper on that one. The previous AV15 was 2.020″ ID on the coil and 4 layers of round copper 2.1″ long. The hardest part is finding a cone that is not too deep. We couldn’t find one anywhere and spent a lot on tooling with vendors that then couldn’t make the parts. The whole thing lost over $50,000 in money spent we never got a thing for.

    T3mpest on #9353

    blah, grr here i though the coil would be the tricky part.. Any memory of how shallow the cones needed to be? Also what’s the former height? I’m assuming that’s why the cone needs be shallow?

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