Want to order an AV15H-D2

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    piyush7243 on #946

    i just wanted to order a AV15H-D2 so that i can run it at 4 ohm or 1 ohm loads

    Please let me know how to pay for it and ETA on delivery


    simon5 on #9330

    AV line is currently on hold until anodizing line is ready. You can email sales at aespeakers dot com if you want to order anyway.

    piyush7243 on #9331

    come on guys. please give me an ETA.

    Its really hard to wait for so long

    simon5 on #9332

    I could give you an ETA, but then deceive you if I don’t meet it… 8)

    I will try to get an update from John about the anodizing line.

    piyush7243 on #9333

    Sure that would be great.. Thanks a lot..

    piyush7243 on #9334

    @simon Buddy any updates…

    simon5 on #9335

    Sorry I have no replies yet. He’s online but mostly away from computer.

    piyush7243 on #9336

    oh ok.. I will wait then..

    simon5 on #9337

    I will try to get hold of him again about anodizing line.

    simon5 on #9338

    John told me that he doesn’t have much time for the anodizing line with the current volume of orders so there’s no timetable for the anodizing line right now unfortunately, can’t tell you much more than that, sorry…

    piyush7243 on #9339

    Then please let me know of any other options i may have here for a 15″ that play good in sealed as well as ported and gets loud with great SQ.

    piyush7243 on #9340

    I want the AV15H badly. Have been waiting for it for over 3 months now 🙁

    simon5 on #9341

    Well, you could go with TD15H, awesome SQ, but will not get as loud if you want really low bass. For midbass it gets louder OTOH. There’s also the IB15 line but that play good mostly in infinite baffle.

    I also hope that the AV line will be ready soon…

    piyush7243 on #9342

    Then i don’t have a choice than to wait. 😡

    piyush7243 on #9343

    Still Not ready. Please also let me know if it’s discontinued so that i don’t have any hopes going forward and i can look at something else 🙂

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