Vertically Dual Opposed AV15H Question

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    pbc on #1375

    So I’m thinking of redoing my dual opposed boxes and making them vertical (drivers on top and bottom) so that I can also use them as stands for my Seaton Catalyst 8C’s which call for a 26″ stand.

    I’m thinking of a rectangular box that will have top and bottom “shelves” on top of the subwoofers, either glass or wood, similar to say Bosso Bass’s Single module Raven or Raptor design (, though not a cylinder and won’t look nearly as nice! :mrgreen: Does anyone know if there is an ideal amount of space that I need to leave between the top of the baffle and the shelf itself? Would 1.5″ be enough for the top and bottom?

    I’m going to try and leave ~19″ of vertical space for the two drivers to fit in which should be similar to what they have now. Width and depth will likely be ~20″ less the 3/4″ ply interior.

    Is there an optimal interior box volume I should be shooting for with this setup? I was thinking 3.5-4 cubic feet?

    pbc on #11443

    What happened to Simon btw, hasn’t been on in ages..

    stryke on #11444

    While this looks nice, I would suggest against it. While they are used in this configuration often, no woofer is designed to play up or down firing. Gravity has an initial effect of creating a sag that can be calculated based on mass and compliance. There is also an additional amount of sag that occurs over time as the suspension becomes more permanently biased. Biased suspension voids any warranty in the industry. Not to mention that the acceleration of gravity creates a slight non linearity between the coil’s acceleration on the upward and downward stroke.

    If you are going to do it, you could have from 2-5 cubic foot per driver. The larger the box, the less power you need on the low end. I would ideally keep about 3″ from the woofer to any surface.

    Simon was nice enough to help out with forum questions for years. He contributed to the forum and lot and was very much appreciated. He got busy with other things since then and I hope he is doing well.

    hickma.n.a.j.o.h.n on #51263

    great @stryke

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