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    mtbdudex on #3505

    Some YouTube videos to further “show off” the AE IB15’s !!

    Here is 24 seconds of the last to final fight scene in K-F-P, where Panda is fighting Tiger. 124db @ when Tiger crashes to the ground, some cone movement there!!

    Here are the 34 seconds of the final fight scene in K-F-P, where Panda is fighting Tiger. 126db @ last part, the famous wa-tu-shi finger hold scene!!
    You can see red LED on my FBQ2496 lite up very briefly.
    I forgot to put my PJ in anamorphic zoom mode, the lens was in place, so you still see the black bars stretched.

    These are downloaded Danley sound files, the Harley while loud/rumbling does not give as much cone movement as the two train files. 118 db sound.

    These are downloaded sound files, the cone movement in these two train files is awesome. 124 and 126db of low freq.

    This is the coal train file, different than the other train file, the cone movement in these two train files is awesome. 124 and 126db of low freq.

    simon5 on #3506

    Nice videos ! Nice work ! 😀

    mtbdudex on #3507

    Here’s an update to my HT:
    HT Layout:

    HT pictures (2011)
    Screen shot:

    Rear shot:

    Closure to a promise I made years ago …… I finally built my grille covers :-[

    The magnets were put into the IB baffle plate upon the initial build, under the formica.
    Here they are from June-2008

    Made the grille frame from leftover 3/4 OSB, strong, resistant to warping.

    Put the grille magnets onto the IB baffle Formica to exactly locate them, made a paper template, traced their centerline & outline circle onto it

    Drilled holes for the magnets into the OSB frame, the template worked perfectly.

    Spread Epoxy into each hole, tapped the magnet into the hole with plastic mallet, they grip to steel hammer
    (sorry no pict of this part, kinda messy)

    Paint the OSB frame dark green – leftover paint from the HT walls, so you’d not see the wood thru the cloth.

    Wrap and staple with speaker grille cloth bought from PE long time ago.
    Grille off ……………………………………………………Grille on

    Now, instead of seeing the cool 4 x 15″ cones, you see this .
    I kinda miss the cones visually greeting me when I now use the HT ???

    These picts taken with my iPhone4, not even a iPhone4s with the newer camera. Kinda poor quality compared to my DSLR photos….

    simon5 on #3511

    I also prefer without the grilles, but it’s fun when other people come and they wonder where all that sound is coming from ! 8)

    Very nice home theather, better than alot of movie theaters… 😆

    mtbdudex on #3509

    I’m going with the new Denon 4520CI, and full 11.x sound.

    Now, I’ve got the IB 4 x 15 line array on the RH side, and I’d like to complement that with a box sub of equal capability on the LH side.
    Your IB drivers on RH side with some of your box subwoofer drivers on LH side…..

    It can be as big as needed, full floor/ceiling height, tucked in the LH corner as “stereo” complement to the RH IB sub.

    I’ll post same Q on the AVS DIY board, but wanted AE first shot at suggestion(s).
    (The LH corner bass trap can be shortened/removed as needed)

    simon5 on #3510

    Not possible to use same setup on left corner ?

    To compliment IB subs, nothing’s better than IB subs…

    mtbdudex on #3508

    I wish, but the utility room is only on the RH side, the LH side is dirt.
    Therefore I want a “big box” sub that can go low like the IB sub, floor-ceiling is 8.75 feet high, I can make one whooping box there….
    This basement floorplan shows you what I mean.

    simon5 on #3512

    Well a boxed sub can easily keep up with an IB sub, except that you will have a cutoff point and a sharper rolloff. It will depends where you want your compromise to be. A ported or a tapped horn in a VERY large box would be nice, but it’s hard to go below 15-20 Hz. It will easily keep up with right side up to full loudness. Sealed can go lower, but it will have dropped significantly before reaching that point, that means you will have to electronically boost the low end on the left side. That means either more drivers and more amplifier power to keep up with the right side if you want same loudness, or you accept that it will keep up with right side until a certain point in loudness where the right side has still space to go louder but left side is at its limits.

    stryke on #3513

    If you are looking to add a boxed sub, the SBP15 is likely going to be the best option. It will look identical from the front but has the larger motor to work better in the smaller enclosure. How much volume can you get there total? The other option is to just use the IB15’s in that one too and just EQ that side differently if there is enough volume.


    mtbdudex on #3514

    Hi John;
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your AE staff!

    Here is a picture of the LH side, I have about 18″ width, 22″ depth, and 84″ height to work with, (1.5 ft x 1.83 ft x 7 ft), about 19.2 cu ft give or take.
    (That LH bass trap would be modified/removed as needed.)
    Not enough for a true HT IB I guess, but I’m open to your SBP15 for my application, this would keep my HT subwoofer’s “all in the AE family”
    .. ..

    My main goal is the first row has modal issues that can’t be solved via all the corner bass traps I’ve installed, so I’d like to smooth them more by installing a just as (almost?) capable sub on the LH side as my IB sub on RH side.
    It will be sticking out into the room, while the IB baffle plate on the RH side is about 4″ into the room, not purely symmetric…..
    1st row seats 1-4, you can see/hear the seat-seat variations:

    2ns row seats 5-8, very consistent across the seats:

    I could even stack 2 subs there due to weight.
    You can see my corner bass trap triangle support, if just 1 sub then I’d move that up as req’d.

    mtbdudex on #3515

    Here’s an update to my 130″ diag Scope HT (or UltraWide or 2.35:1 or ??) – full 11.3 via Denon 4520CI + Emotiva amp, and added fronts/wides for 11 mains/center/surrounds and 3 subs for LFE give a 11.3 set-up
    (I have the IB 4 x 15″ line array on Sub1 and both 18″ and 15″ driver cubes on Sub2, so technically a 11.2 I guess from a processor viewpoint).
    Those 18″ and 15″ drivers in sealed cab’s along front wall and side wall help flatten the in room response in my 2 row, 8 seat, 11.3 HT.

    The panorama stitching in PSE made the curved look to the ceiling acoustic clouds, they are straight in real world.

    Subjectively I’ve used my 4520CI and tried AudysseyDSX vs DolbyPL IIz vs DTS Neo:X™ , and honestly I’ve settled on NeoX as my default codec for 11.3 processing.

    I truly love the enveloping surround sound of 11.3, this has satisfied my “upgrade-itis” I’d say till 2015, when I might dive into AT screen + auto masking system + 4k PJ, do some DIY CD speakers (DIY Sound group), totally re-do the acoustic treatments then, etc.

    maxserg on #3516

    Nice Center channel and acoustic side panels 😛

    mtbdudex on #3517

    @maxserg wrote:

    Nice Center channel and acoustic side panels 🙂

    That paradigm 390 is a big and heavy beast!
    I take it and those mains outside yearly for our annual backyard movie nights, this is last years “The Lorax”.
    (with surrounds also for 6.1, acoustics outdoors are superb)

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