Usage of TD15M in a 100l vented box ?

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    arnaudf on #1323


    I look for a new midbass driver to upgrade my current box. The internal volume of the box is around 95~100 liters and is vented (2 events, one of each side).
    I don’t have T/S for the current driver.
    The box is also equiped with a Beyma TPL-150H ribbon driver. The x-over frequencies is between 900 and 1200Hz, depending on the active filter (BSS366) configuration.

    I would like to know if any TD15 driver could fit for this “constraints”:
    – Nice medium, up to the XO frequency
    – Good bass response, f3 at around 50Hz (if possible)

    Maybe TD15M ?


    stryke on #11262

    The TD15M in 100L tuned about 45hz would give a 56Hz F3 point so it could work well. Typically the high frequency limit of a 15″ is considered to be about 800hz as it narrows to less than 90 degrees about that point. Pushing this to 900-1200hz though should still work well though. If you already have a 15″ driver and are happy with the off axis response this should greatly improve the midrange/midbass quality and the definition in the bass as well.

    arnaudf on #11263


    Thank you for your previous answer.
    However I see in an other thread the usage of TD15H with TPL150H: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3236

    It is stated that the TD15H will provide better bass response (at the expense of efficiency… around 4dB lower).
    Is it possible to appreciate this better bass response ? Is it so different from the TD15M ? (ie. better impact, lower freq, …)
    Is there some graphs and/or figures ?


    stryke on #11264

    The TD15H has 14mm Xmax vs the 6mm Xmax for the TD15M. As a result it can deliver significantly more low end output with over 2x the displacement capability. Typically the TD15H is best used up to the range of 500hz but has been used higher on occasion. It will still be cleaner and sound better than most other woofer, but the TD15M is the best overall option if midrange and upper end response is the priority.

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