Ultimate Car Audio Woofer?

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    zacjones99 on #1260

    “We will hopefully be coming out with something new before the end of the year with CNC machined billet aluminum frames, hand spun anodized aluminum cones and santoprene surrounds. This will be the take on the ultimate car audio woofer for sealed and vented box use. Pricing will be consistent with the other “hifi” options like Focal, Dynaudio, Morel Ultimo, Hertz, etc. I am guessing between $799-999 retail on the 15’s. For IB use in a care the SPB15 will still be more optimized.”

    Any updates on this woofer to end all woofers?

    stryke on #11070

    Nothing specific yet. We are finalizing a few parts for an OEM woofer using this frame. Once that is done, we will have proper spiders that can cleanly do 60mm p-p travel to go with the santoprene surrounds we make here. We are also finalizing a few things to spin dustcaps here in house. I expect a few more months before production is done on the OEM woofer and I can begin to work on the retail offering.

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