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    stupid8000 on #1270

    ok, so I’m in the middle of rebuilding my car. I’ve started with Zapco DC100.4 for active front stage and a DC500.1 for sub. So now I’m looking for the sub. I was looking at going IB with two 15’s for the 1st time but that might cost a bit for subs, or just getting a single 12 and going sealed. Give me recommendations. Its going in a 2009 Mazda 3. build log if interested is on the Mazda 3 forum.

    stryke on #11103

    Sorry for the long time to reply. Do you have a link to your build log? For Mazda 3, the trunk isn’t overly large. I would look at either a single SBP15 or possibly a pair if you can fit them. The single SBP15 is going to give you much more output than the single 12″ sealed. You could always build your baffle with 2 cutouts. Put in a blank in the one side for now and get a single SBP15. Then add another later on if you didn’t want to spend as much at one time.


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