The " Tremor Twins "

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    Rightbrained on #4244

    Yeah , I will do another sweep later. Im still playing with positioning anyway trying to get a flatter response .

    Rightbrained on #4247

    I finally bought some nice , clean power for these AV15X’s . I am now powering the twins with a Face Audio F1200TS and the improvement in dynamics is really obvious 😀

    simon5 on #4246

    Hehe that’s great, I see you are really getting into it ! 😀

    Rightbrained on #4248

    No doubt !! I bought a Rotel Multichannel amp as well so my theater is coming to life. And the best part is the fact that my wife is loving it too so I dont have to listen to any nagging every time I buy something. Now , what to buy next :mrgreen: .

    simon5 on #4249

    Purchase some TD15M to build new speakers to complement the subwoofers ? 😀

    Rightbrained on #4250

    Simon , I have already been thinking of building some new mains. I have 2 sets of fronts already that I built myself. I suppose I could donate one pair of those to make way for a better pair. I need to do some searching for some proven designs using AE drivers in a 3 way config . 😀

    Rightbrained on #4251

    I recently built a new pair of mains , the Mini Statements and decided to build twin sealed enclosures for my AV15X twins.
    Here are a couple of photos and the initial REW graph prior to any eq. I have a huge peak @60-80 but with room gain I have very nice extension.

    simon5 on #4252

    That’s a very nice job that you did there ! It looks really professional.

    Must sound real good also ! 😀

    As you said, once you get rid of this peak, you’re done… 8)

    Rightbrained on #4253

    Simon ,
    Thanks for the kind words. They do look and sound good. I will work on the sub eq when I get back from a little lake vacation this weekend. I will try to get the results posted when done.

    simon5 on #4254

    By the way, why are you going sealed ? Smaller and better looking boxes I guess ? 8)

    Rightbrained on #4255

    Actually , the enclosure size is not a concern to me because my wife loves the theater experience as well and has never given me any grief on my projects.
    I have always preferred the sound of sealed subs and amazingly I think these give me a little more extension than the ported twins due to the lack of a high pass filter roll off.
    It is nice to have small , pretty boxes too but thats just a side bonus.

    Rightbrained on #4258

    I finally got around to setting some eq filters for the twins. I have a slight null to work out with sub placement but otherwise they are sounding good 🙂

    simon5 on #4259

    I wouldn’t worry much about that null. That’s awesome already ! 😀

    Rightbrained on #4257

    I just cant say enough good things about these drivers. As far as I am concerned John has hit another home run !!

    simon5 on #4256

    I’m glad you like them that much ! 😀

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