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    stryke on #11050

    We can order 4ohm coils if you wish. Apollo upgrade is available as on all of our drivers except the dipole.

    In comparison to most pro drivers, they are expensive. They are not however similar to most pro drivers. They are not designed to be just as loud as possible. They don’t take advantage of a harsh dustcap resonance to boost claimed efficiency. They are designed with efficiency in mind but the main emphasis of all of our drivers will always be put on low distortion and accurate reproduction. They compare more favorably to Scan Speak Revelator, Accuton, Seas Excel, Audiotechnology, etc than they do to most pro drivers. The TD8’s will have the added advantage or more efficiency vs those other hifi drivers.

    Zedguy on #11051


    Do you have a pic of the TD8M?


    T3mpest on #11052

    Seems like they would work out for me.. 95db/1w/1m is pretty much in in with what I planned.. Maybe giving up 2-3db of effeciency, but with the apollo upgrade for the extra powerhandling and a 4ohm impedeance, I can make most of that up with powerhandling and gain in SQ likely, which is imporant to me.. Plus I want something with a phase plug as these will be mounted off axis in my kicks.. I won’t be taking advantage too much of their inductance though as they will be crossed in the 1-1.5khz region most likely..

    That could change once they get in the car though 😀 Will you be able to get measurments up pretty soon? Just wan to see some polars (if you can) or if not even basic frequency response on a baffle would be useful. Also is this the same spider as on the 6.5’s? Anyway the other drivers I’ve been considering is the PHL 2520, which is basically the same price as yours… Also a B&C 8MDN51, which while it would save me $200 probably doesn’t sound quite as good. I know in most subjective listening reviews I’ve seen they always say that your drivers sound better than the pro audio alternatives, they just need a bit more power to make up the effeciency. 🙂

    5th element on #11053

    Is there any further news on the TD8X and what its parameters might look like?

    m.m.m. on #11054

    I´m hungry for some information about the new TD8 as well!!

    stryke on #11055

    Here are parameters for the TD8X-8 and TD8M-8

    Fs: 57hz
    Vas: 15L
    Cms: .3mm/N
    Mms: 26g
    Rms: 2.4kg/s
    Xmax: 8mm
    Xmech: 12mm
    Sd: 190sqcm
    Qes: .33
    Re: 6.7
    LE: .15mH
    Bl: 13.8Tm
    Qts: .3
    1W SPL: 91.4dB
    2.8V: 92.1dB

    Fs: 76hz
    Qms: 7.9
    Vas: 11.3L
    Cms: .22mm/N
    Mms: 20g
    Rms: 1.2kg/s
    Xmax: 4mm
    Sd: 190sqcm
    Qes: .27
    Re: 6.7ohm
    Le: .15mH
    Z: 8ohm
    Bl: 15.5Tm
    PE: 300W
    Qts: .26
    1WSPL: 94.7dB
    2.8V: 95.5dB

    5th element on #11056

    Thanks for the update on that. I don’t suppose you have a couple of photographs so we can see how each look? As well as that do you have a diagram of the drivers physical dimension?


    pbc on #11057

    What is the cost and expected availability of these drivers? Also, how do the specs change with the Apollo upgrade and what is the cost per speaker?


    Anonymous on #11058

    Hi John!
    What frequency range have TD8 and TD8M? Do You have curve?

    5th element on #11059

    Do you have any update on this?

    I would like to place an order for 4 TD8X-4s, but before spending ~$1000 I really would like to see pictures of the drivers and have a diagram showing me the driver dimensions.

    Many thanks.

    stryke on #11060

    I will get pictures for you as the next ones get built here probably next week.

    donc on #11061

    any updates ?

    stryke on #11062

    Nothing on this yet. We had to make adapters for the motor assembly. Motors should be assembled today with woofers being built by end of the week. It would be best to send an email to Jessica and she can send some pictures as they are done.

    5th element on #11063

    You know you could always take some pictures of the drivers being constructed, I am sure we’d all like to see that and then pictures of the drivers completed. Once done you could post the pictures to facebook for everyone to see, that would make far more sense than having Jessica email pictures out to individuals and be better for business.

    pbc on #11064

    Any update on these? Curious how they would work in enclosures similar to the Fusion Alchemy MTMs with the same waveguide and Cd?

    I assume they would have different cutout dimensions?


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