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    T3mpest on #1257

    Are these drivers still in development? I finally have a vehicle that can easily support the 3-5inches of mounting depth these things will probably require lol.

    stryke on #11038

    Nothing has been completed on these yet. I expect before the end of the year though.

    Zedguy on #11036

    Looks like the TD8M would work nicely with the TD18. Will there be a preorder? What is the ballpark on pricing?

    stryke on #11037

    Individual pricing would be $249. Not expecting to do any preorders though. Maybe a short time introductory price but as of now that isn’t planned.

    T3mpest on #11039

    Sounds good hopefully that works. I’d like to get a set for christmas hehe.

    stryke on #11040

    I ran into a few issues but will hopefully be finishing up the first 16pc samples this week. If all goes well, I will be able to start taking orders on them soon.

    NiToNi on #11041


    Exciting – keep up the good work!

    Will there be a LO8 available as well…?


    stryke on #11042

    There will be a Dipole 8 using the cloth surround which will already have decent efficiency.

    donc on #11043

    any updates on when the td8’s will be ready ? would a td8m or td10m work better for a mid used with the td15h ?

    Face on #11044

    @donc wrote:

    any updates on when the td8’s will be ready ? would a td8m or td10m work better for a mid used with the td15h ?

    It depends on the tweeter used, but either shouldn’t have a problem crossing to the 15H.

    Will you be going active or passive?

    T3mpest on #11045

    Bump for updated info on release and specs?

    Face on #11046

    No specs, but John posted on his Facebook page that they are available for order.

    Zedguy on #11047

    Anyone able to source more info on these or taken the plunge and ordered any?

    stryke on #11048

    Here are the initial parameters

    Fs: 76hz
    Qms: 7.9
    Vas: 11.3L
    Cms: .22mm/N
    Mms: 20g
    Rms: 1.2kg/s
    Xmax: 4mm
    Sd: 190sqcm
    Qes: .27
    Re: 6.7ohm
    Le: .15mH
    Z: 8ohm
    Bl: 15.5Tm
    PE: 300W
    Qts: .26
    1WSPL: 94.7dB
    2.8V: 95.5dB

    A TD8X will also be available but we need to get that finalized yet.


    T3mpest on #11049

    Any way to get these with d8 coils or even just a single 4ohm? Also is any type of apollo upgrade available? Wouldn’t need it for the inductance so much as the extra powerhandling, particularly if a d8 or d4 coil is available 😆 At 500 for a pair, the price is a bit hard to swallow compared to many other pro audio designs, but I know these are very nice speakers and John has a small operation.. So I’m def considering these.

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