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    m.m.m. on #1344

    I have been looking at this driver for some time now. And I have some questions about that driver.

    I´m thinking about a new project where I´m going to use the TD15M I already have and then 2 TD6Ms for the midrange. In my head this would be a great high-end/high-efficient system. To find a tweeter that fits will require the knowledge of how high the TD6M can go. So my questions are: How low can I cross them so they would not run out of x-max and how high should I cross these drivers when combined with a single TD15M and lets say an amt. tweeter?

    I will also like to know if there is anyone who have tried to compere the TD6 with other high-end midrange drivers like fx Scan-speak and SB acoustics Satori.



    stryke on #11332

    Hi Martin,

    This seems like a great project. The TD6M can be used up to 3KHz or so in an MTM alignment as long as the tweeter is not too large. The best overall tweeters I can think of for use are the Mundorf AMT. The AMT29CM1.1-R is going to be quite efficient, be able to cross in the 2-2.5KHz range and has very good power handling.

    If you took the TD15M up to about 250-300hz you would have no issues with excursion from the 2x TD6M. You would need to input more power than the TD6M could thermally handle before running into excursion issues. The limiting factor of the whole system would be the excursion of the TD15M on the low end.

    maxserg on #29617

    I don’t see the TD6M on your website. Where can I see it and see tech specs?

    Zedguy on #29893

    Hi John,

    Can you share any proven crossover designs (either passive or active) for an MTM TD6M.

    Keymaster on #30191

    Hello Zedguy, We currently do not have anything available like that. I know some have done designs but I do not know of any documentation for them.

    maxserg, we will have pictures and parameters going up as soon as the images get edited. If you want to send an email I can get those parameters for you.

    donc on #51430

    Where are the updates on the 6’s and 8’s ,still not posted, listed, specs, photos !?

    Keymaster on #51432

    Hi Donc, I do have parameters and response curves. If you want to email us I am happy to send them to you. We have been selling some recently. I have not yet had time to get good pictures taken and edited to get them on the website though.

    Best Regards,

    audioaficionado on #51439

    The best active XOVER I found are at The non digital 2×4 will alow you up to 4-way per channel with ttheir advanced app.

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