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    cousinbillyl on #1349

    My TD6M’s and TD15H+’s are ordered.
    TD6M box volume? I read a lot of the threads here. I will assume, if using a closed box, John’s recommended box volume is 0.15 cubic feet.
    I will be using a slender baffle, 8.6″, for the 6M and tweeter.
    If my math is correct, this equates to something like a cylinder with a radius of 3.3″ (as a minimum (basket width)), with a depth of 9″, adding a bit for the magnet assembly.

    cousinbillyl on #11337

    Here’s the reason for my question;
    I saw the independent measurements of the TD6M. The test was done in a box which appeared to me to be too large. The walls where all perpendicular, and the choice of absorbing material was not ideal.
    I will be building a text box with rounded walls, hopefully with lower complimentary side wall reflections. A deep back with 3-4″ back wall Roxul sound absorbing insulation.
    I will not be adding the volume of the magnet structure to the cavity because it is said absorbing insulation tricks the driver into behaving as if it’s in a larger enclosure.
    Any thoughts?

    stryke on #11338

    I think you are on the right track here. The dimensions aren’t as critical but the damping is. In the last enclosures I went quite small and stuffed with Roxul as well to absorb the back wave inside the enclosures.

    cousinbillyl on #11339

    Thank you John.
    Knowing I can go smaller is a plus. It’s much easier to add blocks of wood to reduce volume than the other way around.

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