TD18h+ sealed box size for q = 0.707 ?

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    jason shep on #1365

    Hi all,
    After loving my 8 x AEIB15 system I’m now looking to build a pair of high quality sealed woofers to partner my BMR speakers,I’d like the flexibility of crossing over up to 300hz.
    The supplier of my speakers advises a bass system q of 0.707,is this possible with the TD18h+ ?

    Kind regards

    stryke on #11419

    Hi Jason,

    It is possible but with a high efficiency woofer the box volume will be small and the F3 will be very high. Qtc of .707 is ok but you could go with a lower Qtc. Either option is going to need some EQ.

    The SBP15 will be the best option for sealed box use, giving Qtc of .707 in a relatively small enclosure. I would look at the SBP15 first.

    jason shep on #11420

    Hi John,
    I hope you are well & all is good.

    Thank you very much for your advice, i loved my 8xIB15″ sub so I’ll gladly go with your suggestion again this time around,
    i’d love a pair of your TD18″s but I know it’s pointless if another model is a better option for my application.

    I know you are always very busy & I don’t expect your expertise for free so I’d be happy to pay you for a design you think would match with my speakers,(I know you can’t hear my speakers for yourself & I won’t hold you to anything 😛 )
    If that is something you’d consider I could email you the specs of the drivers in my speakers/amp etc & pay upfront for the design before ordering the woofers ?

    Basically I need a pair of sealed woofers,which will be left/right front corner placed to go with my on wall speakers,covering say 30-300hz as cleanly as possible,DSP available on woofer amp (Behringer NU6000) & Room Correction/crossover on integrated amp (Lyngdorf TDA2170)

    Kind regards

    stryke on #11421

    How much volume do you have available for the enclosures?

    jason shep on #11422

    Ideally about 100 litres max per cabinet but I’m prepared to go larger if need be,I’ll just have to get creative with the styling & integration to the room 😯

    Cheers John

    stryke on #11423

    With the enclosure volume of 100L you are much more in the range for a single TD18H+ or single SBP15. You can use multiple drivers but need more EQ and power. Here are curves for a single SBP15 in red and 2x SBP15 in orange, then 1x TD18H+ in green and 2x TD18H+ in the light blue. You will of course have more output capability as you can effectively double input power with the dual driver setups.

    jason shep on #11424

    Thank you John,
    When I say pair, I mean, left & right as stereo subs, not two in one box.

    So, SBP 15 or TD18 for best sound quality 30-300hz in around 100l sealed ?
    Come on John,which ones do I go for ? 8)

    Kind regards

    stryke on #11425

    The SBP15 will give the lower F3 point but the TD18H+ will give more power handling and more overall output. If you have EQ I would go with the TD18H+ in 100L sealed over the SBP15.

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