TD18 dimensions

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    paulspencer on #1090

    I’m looking for some dimensions for TD18 and preferably the CAD files, or plans of the driver.

    Why? I’m working on a box for TD18 for a customer, this will be CNC machined and I need to work out the bracing and get the driver fixing holes pre-drilled precisely. I anticipate demand for more of these as well.

    In particular I need:

    1. Driver cutout – inner
    2. Driver cutout – outer (for flush mounting) – I know this is a bit tricky with the rubber boot
    3. Total driver depth from the underside of the frame to the rear of the magnet (in other words, the depth not including the flange thickness)
    4. Magnet diameter
    5. Magnet height
    6. Exact location of holes (diameter of the centre line would be fine)

    paulspencer on #10561

    Ok, I would actually settle for knowing just one thing – the diameter of the centre line of the mounting holes … as shown by the red line here:

    simon5 on #10562

    The only thing I could find is that they use the same basket as the Maelstrom… I would double check that if I were you… I will try to get John to post some more information.

    stryke on #10563

    Hello, here is the pdf file with dimensions for the TD18:

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