TD15X TD15M Lambda work in progress

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    keto on #780

    Here’s a pic of a work in progress…

    simon5 on #8061

    How does it sounds ? 8)

    keto on #8062

    Luckily I have the stock, JBL 4320 monitors to listen to, in the meantime. I have pretty much resolved my path forward on the Lambda system. It looks like it will involve an active 4-way near-unity-gain crossover, with effectively LR4 filters at around 105hz (LR4/TDX in big box to TDM/LR2 Q=1 in Q=0.5 box) and 300hz (TDM to unity mids). Within the unity horn itself, I’ll use the time-alligned passive filters at first, with dedicated amps for mids and highs, and morph towards doing more and more of the filtering in the active realm, with the BMS 4550 in mind for the highs, eventually. But, before all that, I’ll do a sort of proof of concept on the 4320, doing and effective, active LR4 crossover at 750hz, to replace the stock 2nd order + reversed polarity, stock passive crossover.

    simon5 on #8063

    Nice ! Seems a bit complicated, but it will bring the rewards I think ! 8)

    keto on #8064

    Yep, its looking very complicated. I’m trying to break as few of the iron rules as possible. Hope to posts results soon.

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