TD15M=Efficiency, TD15H=Low Bass, TD15S=Sealed, TD15X=?????

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    cangaceiro99 on #1284

    Hi All,

    From reading prior comments I believe I understand the reasons to use TD15M (better for high crossover & greater efficiency) or TD15S (use with sealed alignment).

    I am not so clear about differences between TD15X and TD15H apart from voice coil. I am interested in one of these models for the low bass. Max SPL is not an issue for me as I don’t play music extremely loud. If one model sounds better than another, I would look at that.

    I’ll be using these at home, most likely in vented cab and probably looking to crossover to CD between @ 600Hz (if I buy Radian 950PB) or @ 1.2Khz (if I use my B&C DE250) in a two way (no sub).

    What is the advantage of TD15H over TD15X (and/or vice versa)?
    Lower bass and slightly smaller vented cab?
    Is there an advantage in the type of voice coil used in one model over the other?
    Sound quality differences?



    stryke on #11146

    There really isn’t a specific benefit to either of them. They will both sound nearly identical. It all comes down to which looks more ideal in the enclosure you are building. What is the size of the enclosure and how deep do you wish to play for the low end?

    cangaceiro99 on #11145

    OK – Thank you for the response. Sounds like I will be OK if I go for either of these then.

    The enclosure I have is 140 litres twin ported, which I think is equivalent to around 5ft cubic. I will have to download some box modelling software and play around, but unfortunately I’m on mac, most of the software I’ve seen is for windows.

    If I don’t play too loud (90-96db), would getting a TD15M and EQ to get more low end response be an option? If I went with TD15M, I would be looking for solid response down to 32Hz (use my 1″ CD and cross above 1Khz). If I went with TD15H, I would be looking for solid response down to 25Hz (use 2″ CD and cross around 600Hz).

    If you have an opinion as to which option is better I’d be glad to hear it?



    stryke on #11147

    In that case I would look at the TD15H if you are happy with the 2″ CD response. I may be looking at something similar with a large horn/waveguide and a 2″ Radian Beryllium compression driver. The extra extension would be good for this. The TD15H in 140L tuned to 25hz looks good. It is -3dB about 42hz but is only about -8dB at 25hz. This will work well with room gain to get the extension needed without being overpowering on the low end. Playing only up to 600hz the TD15H will work just fine. You can input a little over 800W while staying within the 14mm Xmax of the driver and get levels up to about 120dB at 35hz.

    You could also use the TD15M and as you said will need some EQ. Tuning about 32hz in that 140L enclosure would allow you to still get about 111dB at 32hz before you run out of excursion. I would really say it depends on whether you like the 1″ CD or the 2″ better for the upper end.

    cangaceiro99 on #11148

    Thanks John.

    I think I will skip M and go with H or X.

    TD15X has slightly lighter cone, slightly higher efficiency and nearly goes as deep. Is that a better option instead of TD15H?

    Do H or X sound OK playing to 1000Hz (no higher)? I have a Fostex wood horn and a 1″ CD which I would use temporarily, until I could purchase a 2″ CD later on and cross lower. Long term I will use 2″ CD.



    stryke on #11149

    Either the TD15H or TD15X will sound nearly identical. If you are ok with the enclosure size and extension from the TD15X then it is a good choice. They can play to 1KHz without a problem.


    cangaceiro99 on #11150

    Thanks for those explanations John.

    I’ll be in touch shortly (after payday) re-ordering.



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