TD15M and 18Sounds…great combo for my vintage gear!!

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    Whitese on #276

    Well, I think after going thru all kinds of speakers which I will list so you get a pic of where I am coming from: In no particular order,

    1. early model Edgarhorns
    2. Quad ESL-63
    3. Oddysey Loreleis
    4. Tannoy Monitor Gold 12’s
    5. Tannoy DMT-12 II
    6. Tannoy HPD-385’s
    7. Bozak Concert Grands
    8. EV 12trxb’s
    9. JBL L-96
    10. Mission 774’s and 772
    11. Wharfedale Modus somethin’
    12. Pinnacle Classic Aerogel (awesome).
    13. PAudio 12″ coaxials.
    14. Allison’s 110 8″ monitors

    Current setup, which all I can say leaves all above in the dust, and that is without an optimum cab for the woof.

    18sound ND1460 compression drivers, driven with Pilot SA-232 (el 84)
    18sound XT1464 black waveguides.
    Lambda TD15M woofers, driven by Pilot SA-260 (el 34)

    Behringer active 3 way crossover

    Preamp is Pilot SP-210

    Cannot express enough awe at how nice this vintage gear sounds thru these speaks..In the near future, the woofers will go into larger cabs:

    stryke on #3449

    Really glad to hear these are working for you. Due to the flat impedance of the Lambda woofers they typically are very easy loads to drive with tube amps. Looking forward to see how the woofers work out in the new cabinets. I think you’ll be amazed at the difference.

    One of these days when I get some time (which will probably not be for a long time) I’m going to finish up my white pearl Altec A7 VOTT cabinets, throw the TD15M’s in there. I think they may just be able to play a little loud in there. :mrgreen:


    Whitese on #3450

    John, and what will you use for horns in that A7 setup?

    joshk on #3451

    Just stumbled onto this thread. Great looking setup you have there! I am itching to try something similar.

    Whitese on #3452

    I am almost 100% convinced that you will love it….If you build cabs specifically for the stuff even better… 😀

    Scholl on #3454

    Hi guys,

    I’m using the TD15M and just got done with a box built to proper aglinement. They like at lease 6 cubic foot net volume so start with 7 cubic foot gross internal volume which takes up two plywood sheets.

    Hey Whitese,

    How are you EQing those horns? Are you doing it actively via the crossover? One thing nice about Eighteensound is that they have several kits and provide crossover and EQ info for some of thier horndriver combos.

    Woof123 on #3453

    Hi Whitese,

    Can you tell use how it all worked out?

    Whitese on #3455

    Here is the current setup…I am still hoping to start modding my larger cabs…adapters to fit the drivers, the ports, etc..The Behringer I have doesnt allow to play with the slope or anything else…just crossover freq really, and it has Horn correction (CD).

    Whitese on #3456

    I still havent installed the Lambda’s in the larger cabs, but I bought some Sound Anchor stands to place under the current cabs, and it made quite a big difference.

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