TD15H vs TD18H+

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    hardtofathom on #1069

    Im curious, out of the two the 15 has a lower FS, but this aside, which is gonna sound deeper???? I would think the 18, but with its FS being 29 it appears it would distort earlier than the 15. I like the idea of having an 18, and I plan on installing one in the floor of my dodge caliber, but if the 15 hits lower, im gonna have to change my plans. Ultimately this is for SQ so I want the sub that is going to hit Deeper easier.

    stryke on #10484

    How deep either of them “sounds” is going to be determined by the signal put into them. How low they can play is determined by the enclosure size and tuning. How loud they play at any given frequency is determined by how much air is moved. The TD18 is going to move 3.4L peak to peak while the TD15 is going to move 2.4L peak to peak. At any given frequency the TD18 can move about 30% more air.

    Don’t worry too much about the FS. That is the free air resonance of the driver. As soon as you put it into an enclosure, the resonance of the driver itself is no longer important. It is the overall resonance of the completed system of woofer and enclosure that matters. Also keep in mind the enclosure requirements. I’m not sure what you mean by installing one in the floor. Are you using the spare tire well as the enclosure?


    hardtofathom on #10485

    Yea, thats the plan. Im going to model the 18, im pretty sure that there is more than enough room for a seal enclosure, if not then i will do a little cutting and make the tire well deeper. My original plan was to go with a bandpass box similar to Scott Buwalda’s. It would fit alot better, but Ive got a feeling that the TD18 is going to have a better tone to it.

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