TD15H + slot port calculation

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    cousinbillyl on #1358

    I’m getting ready to build a test cabinet.
    Unfortunately my volume maxes out at 5cF, and not my desired 7cF. Bracing and wall thickness will be blamed.
    The slot port for the 7cF was 2″ x 15″ x 18″ deep. This is according to this forum (I didn’t do the calculations my self).

    What changes need to be made to the port for a 5cF enclosure?

    I use the green Roxul 3″ insulation. This along the interior and back walls. This means the driver behaves as if it is in a larger enclosure. This may make a difference.

    I read about group delay, but am unsure what it is.

    stryke on #11380

    I would suggest to start with WinISD and model the enclosure. Going to a slightly smaller enclosure may mean you have to tune a little higher, or the response will roll off a little more. If you kept the port the same size it would naturally tune it higher. Model the original enclosure, then play around with decreasing the enclosure size to see the effects.

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