TD15H(+) + JBL 2447/2380, WAS : TD15H(+) + BMS 4590/4592

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    LazizFair on #1379


    Since I wrote my initial post I’ve been changing plans.

    I like the sound of my JBL 4333, but I’d like something that’s capable of higher SPL…

    As an alternative to cashing out something like 14k USD for a pair of JBL M2, I’m considering rebuilding a pair of old boxes..

    I like the sound of the old 2231 A woofers very much; they play both deep, and produces a very clear and detailed sound up to the xover freq at 800 hz.

    I have a pair of drivers and horns JBL 2447/2380, and a pair of old boxes, approx. 190-195 litres that i want to use instead of building new ones.
    The horns + drivers are ok down to 600-700 hz.

    Will the TD15H(+) be able to match the qualities of the old 4333/2331A ? – up to which frequency, 600 or even 800 hz ?

    I’m planning to use a single TD15H or TD15H+ for each speaker. I prefer one driver, and not two, for both financial reasons, and also box size.

    The TD15H+ version seems capable of more SPL, is it’s sound the same quality as TD15H, or should i consider other versions ?

    Will one driver be sufficient in this 190-195 L box ?

    (I will start with an active xover, and a crown K2 for the basses…)

    Best regards…

    stryke on #11448

    The JBL2231A was a good woofer in it’s day. Since then, many things have improved. Based on the 190L enclosure, the TD15H-8 will be a good drop in upgrade.The lower end of the response curve and overall efficiency will be nearly identical. That is where the comparisons really stop though as the TD15H is far superior in many ways.

    The TD15H has 14mm Xmax vs 5mm for the 2231A. This means it will give nearly 3x the volume displacement, or low end output equivalent to almost 3 of the 2231A. In the a 190L enclosure tuned just over 20hz, the 2231A reaches the 5mm rated Xmax at 32hz with only 82W input. This gives a max SPL of 109.6dB at 32hz. The TD15H will not surpass the Xmax until 650W input power and reach 118.3dB at this same 32hz in the same enclosure. Very significant.

    The TD15H also has much better upper end response. Inductance of the 2231A is 1.4mH while the TD15H is only .3mH. Not only is the inductance low, but it is linear and does not change with excursion. You can read all about the benefits of the motor with Full Copper Faraday Sleeve below if you have not yet. The 2231A has nothing to address flux modulation or linearize inductance. This is a HUGE upgrade to go with the TD15H over the 2231A.

    The TD15H+ we will not be making now due to some parts issues. It was more for pure subwoofer use though so is not ideal for your application anyway.

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