TD15H + for use in a subwoofer for HT and music use.

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    moonfly on #1316

    I currently have 2 cabinets designed for 15 inch drivers. The cabinets are dual opposed and currently use SI HT15 drive units. I want to change these drivers and try something else so am looking for replacements that will improve on their sound quality. As the AV line is a bit hit and miss, and I am also considering downsizing, I have been looking for suitable 12 inch drivers or replacement 15’s for either my current cabinets, or some slightly smaller ones.

    Whats your thoughts on using the TH15H + with eq (I have a mini DSP) for this application. I am aware of the drivers parameters and roughly how that will impact low end output, but using 2 or 4 drivers, and having a modest sized room, I think that would be a non issue.

    Thanks in advance

    moonfly on #11243

    No thoughts on this John? Ive also sent an e-mail with a request for a quote on six drivers, with possibly 2 of these to add to that as well, would appreciate some feedback.

    stryke on #11244

    Sorry I have not had a chance to get to the forum questions. I searched the emails but the last one we see is a reply from Emma to you back in 2010. If you can send it again to sales (at) would be great.

    The TD15H+ would be a good option. I would suggest doing the PB15H+ which uses the vented pole and dustcap. The phase plugs on the high excursion 2.5″ coil drivers do tend to model a little lossy where the dustcap version would not. As long as they are being used under 250hz the dustcaps work well.

    Going with 500-1000W per driver then with the miniDSP would work quite well.

    moonfly on #11245

    Hi John,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Do you mean the SPB15+? I’ve had a look at the spb15, I’ve not modelled it but just going of the parameters it looks like it would need a good sized cabinet, or possibly be even suitable for open baffle use? One of the things that draws me the the TD15h is the ability to work in smaller cabinets with a reasonable cost saving over the AV woofers. I potentially would want four drivers, and the AV is just too rich for me at that amount. I am also chasing the very best sound quality.

    stryke on #11246

    The PB15H+ would be different from the SBP. The PB was a Lambda designation for the 4 layer flatwire copper coil with dustcap. Parameters would be nearly identical to the TD15H+. The only difference would be about 7 grams more mass for the dustcap which has no real effect in this case. The models would be the same as what you are seeing with the TD15H+.

    moonfly on #11247

    Thanks for the info, thats very useful.

    On another note, Ive also put some other drivers in on my quote request. Im looking at some TD10H or M for use in a 2 way speaker design intended for use as a sat/studio monitor type speaker to go with these subs. Tweeter will be an AMT from Beyma, so thoughts on these would be appreciated as well. Ive ear marked the H model due to its apparently smoother overall response, though I appreciate its not as loud and the M.

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