TD15H: Cabinet plans and crossover frequency?

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    dubkarma on #1337

    I’m planning a 2-way speaker project based around the Beyma TPL-150H and one of the AE TD15 drivers. But before ordering a pair, I want to make sure I’ve chosen the right driver for the job! Originally, I was going to use a pair of TAD TD-1601b, but they’re not good performers crossed over above 800 Hz or so.

    The TPL-150H is rated at 102 dB sensitivity, 80 x 30 degree dispersion, and 80 W AES power handling above 1 kHz with a 12 db/oct. or higher slope. I’m thinking of a 1500 Hz crossover point.

    Would I be compromising the quality of reproduction by crossing over the TD15H—or any of the TD15s—as high as 1500 Hz?

    Also, are cabinet plans available? I’m thinking of 6 cu. ft. (170 L), ported, but have no idea what port dimensions would be appropriate.

    Amplifier would be a McCormack DNA-500 (500/900 Wrms @ 8/4 ohms). Application would be home stereo at both low and high SPLs.

    Comments and suggestions much appreciated!


    Face on #11299

    I recently designed a MTM using the TD-12M and 150H.

    A smaller driver such as the TD-12M or 10M would be a better directivity match to the TPL-150H, but I’ve seen others use 15’s with satisfactory results.

    For steep slopes(LR4,8+), you can cross around 1500hz, for shallow slopes(LR2, etc…) 2000hz should be your crossover point.

    With a 6cf enclosure, a 4″ diameter port by 10″ will give you a tune of 28hz. Anywhere from a 8-12″ length, 4″ diameter port models pretty well.

    dubkarma on #11300


    Many thanks for the comments. I can see your point about a better directivity match with a smaller driver.

    It may be that a driver like the TD-12M, plus a subwoofer, is the way to go. And I already have stereo subs based on the TAD TL-1601b driver.

    Truth is, I was hoping to get an f3 of 40 Hz or lower so I could use the speakers as mains without subs—that’s why I was contemplating the TD15 series. Now that seems problematic, as I can’t see crossing over a 15″ driver at 2000 Hz as being optimal.

    A friend, who started working with me on this project, has now gone his own way. He’s keeping the TPL-150H for the highs, but has decided to use the Beyma 12P80Fe (Fs 46 Hz, Vas 75 L, Sensitivity 100 dB, Qts .185, Xmax 7.4 mm, BL 23.1) for mid-bass, with a high pass of 2000 Hz and a low pass of 200 Hz, with Beyma 18″ subs in 7 cf cabs for 30 to 200 Hz.

    Hard to know which way to go….

    stryke on #11301

    There will be a significant difference in sound quality and distortion between a TD12M and Beyma 12P80Fe. The Beyma has no shorting rings for inductance control and to lower flux modulation. These are very serious in being able to accurately reproduce anything.

    The Beyma 18 is also no comparison for a TD18H+. The TD18H+ has very low inductance and 14mm Xmax.

    The first question is how loud do you want to play. A single TD12M in a vented cabinet can get to about 115dB at 40hz. A TD15H would give much more output, upwards of 120dB at that point. If you went with the 15″ you would want to bring the crossover lower though. This gets difficult with a ribbon. A 1.4″ compression driver on something like the 18 sound XR1496 or Faital LTH142 would get down in the 800hz range nicely with much more output capability than the ribbon.

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