TD12H + 2x 15"PR

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    germanaudio on #591

    Dear Simon, John and Beth…

    Thanks a lot for these great speakers and the good service!
    Here some impressions of my subwoofer:

    It sounds great!
    Best Subwoofer i’ve ever heared… no joke.
    Very deep bass and it goes very loud 😈
    I did the setting to 25Hz like Simon told me… works best!
    I’m really glad that i did this project.
    Best regards an a good new year


    chloesdad on #6373

    That is sexy.

    simon5 on #6374

    Really nice woodworking, congratulations !

    Glad you like it ! 8)

    Taterworks on #6375

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous sub! Details on the finish?

    I notice that John’s drivers seem to wind up in some of the best-looking projects.

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