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    T3mpest on #617

    Hi I am planning on upgrading my fronstage soon and would like to try a new set of midbasses/midrange and just wanted some feedback as well as some questions answered. Anyway my plan is to try and fit a set of td10’s into the kicks of my 99 eldorado. I currently have a set of 6×9’s in there and I’m pretty sure I can fit them. However, just a few questions..

    1. How well would they work with the back of the kickpanel vented into a panel? Are there any modifications that could be done to the driver to make it more suitable for that application, if it doesn’t work already. That’s currently how my kicks are built as a fully sealed enclosure would be too hard to get airspace. I have an active EQ with lots of x-over options so I don’t need any help from a box of any sort for a HPF.

    2. Any chance they could be built with a 2 or 4ohm coil if I went with the apollo upgrade? I have alot of clean A/B power to play with at lower impedences, at 8 ohms I’d be a bit more limited. I have about 600 watts to play with at 2ohms.

    3. In your opinion, what is the best td10 model to attempt to mate to a 1inch horn driver (109db/1w/1m). I’d probably run the TD’s from 80hz (24db/octave) to about as high as they can, honestly. Beaming in a car isnt’ really a bad thing as you can use it to combat side bias. Your closer to the left speaker so having it beam, while having the further speaker in the kick more on axis leads to a good polar response from both seats. The horns would keep my upper end responsee even from both seats higher up. I’m thinking the td10m would be my best choice, but just wanted another opinion.

    4. How much power compression will I get with these if I put 600 watts on them, assuming I get the upgrade? I’m really trying to match my horns as closely as possible in dynamic output capablity. My current mids are decent, but defintely give up before the horns do.

    5.What’s the rumors I’ve heard about a td8? How long until those are ready or would it be possible to get some custom built? I know an 8 would fit alot easier into my kicks and as long as I can get 6mm+ of xmax and over 92db/1w/1m sensativity (more would be better…) I’m a happy man, especially if it handles as much power as the other td woofers! My current mids are that effecient with that much xmax and only handle 125 continous, that’s conservative, but I know I can easily smoke them with the 300 or so I currently have on tap…. That’s the issue, lol.

    simon5 on #6703

    Since your horns are so efficient, you kinda have no choice but to use TD10M. Even better would be TD15M but it would be hard to fit in a kickpanel hehe ! 8)

    Also, TD10M will behave great from 80 Hz and up. TD10X, H, S are all great too, but with the cut at 80 Hz, they are not as useful and you lose some efficiency.

    You can get TD10M at 4 ohms I’m quite sure of that. 2 ohms I would have to ask John, maybe it’s possible but I’m not so sure.

    I don’t know how John calculates his RMS power handling, but if you go with Apollo upgrade, you get much more thermal mass, so power compression will decrease alot… I will try to ask John about this.

    About TD8, I know John had a large batch to do to a specific buyer, I don’t know if that is done already or not… On the other hand I doubt your could dump 600W into it…

    T3mpest on #6704

    Thanks simon. Could you see if you could get a price quote on the td8’s or even some t/s parameters since he has had to build some before? If it’s a good upgrade from what I’m using that might be the most convenient option, even if it’s not quite as powerful. If I can only get them with 4ohm coils I’d only actually have 300 watts or so on tap, so not quite 600, that’s just at 2ohms

    simon5 on #6705

    Last time I talked to John about TD8 they were still in prototyping stage, but that was a little while ago, so I’ll try to have the latest news.

    As for the price quote, he expects them to sell at 199$ a piece or so, but maybe there will be a pre-order slightly cheaper, but not sure. I know he will do a pre-order for TD6 but he didn’t tell anything about TD8 yet.

    simon5 on #6706

    John told me that TD8 prototyping phase will take a few more weeks to finalize. So I guess you could expect to have more news about it in late february, early march.

    T3mpest on #6707

    It’s officially mid march, where’s my td8 info at simon 👿 😆 Sorry I’m just itching for a front stage upgrade……

    simon5 on #6708

    Sorry T3mpest hehe I understand your itch ! When it itches you need to scratch it.

    Unfortunately, it’s not out yet. It’s close but not ready. I think the design and prototyping is now finished so John is waiting for parts to mass produce it.

    But, he has to mass produce the TD6s before getting onto TD8s.

    When TD6 pre-order starts, which should start very soon, you could expect TD8s in the following weeks.

    chloesdad on #6709

    The 10s would be easier to fit if they had a more compact basket…I know this is the case in my car.

    simon5 on #6710

    They would unfortunately be much more expensive with a compact basket which would render a Neodymium magnet mandatory.

    chloesdad on #6711

    I mean a basket that tapers down from the mounting flange to the top plate, sort of the profile of the cone-ish.

    T3mpest on #6712

    A neo version would be sweet, but I doubt Johns magnetizer could handle a high grade neo magnet. It would cut down on the 6″ of mounting depth though, as would a different basket shape as Chloe’sdad pointed out. (almost used your more common name and gave up your secret lol) That’s why I’m still waiting on the 8. I’m sure it will be bit less beefy, but if the sensativity is still high and it can take at least the 300 watts I have at 4ohms then I’ll be ok as it should fit alot easier.

    simon5 on #6713

    Which secret ? I know his real name… :mrgreen:

    chloesdad on #6714

    Shhhhhhh :mrgreen: 😯

    simon5 on #6715

    About the tapering basket wish, unfortunately it’s not possible for now. Right now John doesn’t have plans for any other frames. To tool a new frame is about $15,000 in china and there is no guarantee they’ll get it right. It may cost you double by the time it’s ready to go. For now we have to stick to the standard frames, unfortunately.

    simon5 on #6716

    About TD6 pre-order and special pricing, John told me that he hopes to have this up before the end of the weekend.

    We’ll be building up TD6’s in then next few days and then John can get final parameters on both the TD6M and TD6H. We got very busy on woofer building, so there was extra delay, then John can get the TD8’s going. He’d expect 30-45 days to bring the 8″ on the market. TD6 is expected to hit the market Next week finally.

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