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    Hi, I’m planning to build 3-way + active sub around my favorite B&W FST2 midrange driver. Since 6″ FST with original XO (90dB 400-2kHz) is capable for high SPL I’m thinking to use TD10M 8Ohm as mid-bas in 40l apperiodic box tuned to 45-50Hz to reduce cone excursions. I will try also closed box, but I sceptic due to driver low Qts.
    What will be optimal volume for this application? Main idea is to be able to run TD10M directly (without high-pass filter) and to get target in-box 100 Hz sensitivity 90dB/2.83V/m
    Is low Qms means that driver power factor is not linear and it will sound anemic during low volume listening?

    Bellow 60Hz I’m planning to use TD15H+ in 140-160L ventted box tuned to 20-23Hz (whatever is optimal between control / extension). Plate amp with DSP will be used to EQ flat 20Hz, hopefully with max headroom >115dB what is what I also expect from TD10M.

    I hope TD15H+ is in production now and I can soon place my order.
    If John or Simon can simulate and comment this project I will appreciate.
    Thanks in advance…

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