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    bdgood on #1293

    Would like to know if magnet structure on ob15 could be drilled and tapped.How thick is rear aluminum plate.Say 1/4 bolt by 3/4 deep 1/2 in from radius.With say five bolts thru 1/4 steel this would be very stable.Have seen ideas of clamping,but who knows how much clamping force or torque the magnet can take.How did Kyron mount the drivers? Any examples or ideas,thanks.

    stryke on #11185

    We don’t typically make the OB15, although we could. They have 3/8″ thick steel back plates. We can drill and tap holes for mounting to any bolt pattern you desire. The Dipole series have 1/2″ thick back plate. We typically drill and tap 4 holes around a given pattern when people want to mount them by the motor.

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