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    rajacat on #1335

    Does the stock rubber gasket/trim ring assure an airtight seal? Is it necessary to supplement it with a more supple compound or weather seal tape?

    Zedguy on #11290

    I always throw away the rubber trim ring and use foam tape as a gasket.

    rajacat on #11289

    @zedguy wrote:

    I always throw away the rubber trim ring and use foam tape as a gasket.

    Unfortunately, I have already cut and designed the TD15M baffle so that the depth of the recess accounts for the rubber ring. The ring fits like a glove. The driver will look a little odd recessed a bit over 1/2″ into the face of the baffle without the rubber trim ring. The baffle is already finished with high gloss paint so routering a bullnose to get rid of the sharp edge is questionable.
    I’ve been thinking that the rubber ring is overly resilient so as to absorb too much energy from the driver. What’s the use of constructing a very stiff baffle (1-7/8″) when that stiffness is lessened by the use of the rubber?

    Am I over thinking this? Analysis paralysis? 🙄

    rajacat on #11291

    Hmm…. 💡 Has anyone cut the inside ring out of the rubber gasket so that its not between the mounting flange and the baffle? I was thinking that I could use the rubber gasket for strictly cosmetics while replacing the the inner ring with a proper closed cell gasket material. I wonder if the modified rubber gasket would stay in place by just shoving into gap between the driver and the sides of the recessed cutout?

    stryke on #11292

    We always use and recommend using closed cell foam weather strip behind. The rubber gasket alone does not seal perfectly

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