Spun aluminum cone for recone

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    hurrication on #1072

    I put this in the car audio section because it is related to car audio subs.

    I have two worn out TC built Audiomobile EVO (tc2+) subs, one 10″ and one 12″, that have been in storage forever and I pulled them out to see if I can find some new spun aluminum cones and dustcaps and recone them. I’ve e-mailed TC sounds but have not gotten a response at all about replacement spun aluminum cones.

    I was referred here by a tech at Elemental Designs. Do you guys have any spun aluminum cones laying around that you’d sell me? I would LOVE to recone these old workhorses with their original look instead of using the generic paper/foam cones that everybody uses for recones. I have a silkscreen shop local to me that says they can put the Audiomobile logo on some new dustcaps for me. ANY help in tracking down some cones would be much appreciated! 8)

    simon5 on #10496

    John plans to do spun aluminium cones again someday, but that is far away. Unless someone has spares around… but I doubt that John has any.

    hurrication on #10497

    Thanks. I found someone who has them.

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