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    T3mpest on #624

    Stumbled across this by accident and the propopsed driver seems very nice. Not quite as much excursion as the current tdx models, but more than the M and an even higher effeciency…..

    simon5 on #6761

    I will try to ask John about it…

    I guess you won’t see that anytime soon, due to John needing to put TD6 and TD8 in full production.

    T3mpest on #6762

    Hi just wondering about this still. John said in one post that the td 10-12 cones were heavier than planned by a bit and he had lighter cones coming? Just wondering if he ever got a different material available to him. If I decide to use a td 10 in my car I think I’m going to have to use 1 magnet instead of two and that will cut my effeciency some. If I could get that back via a lighter cone, even if it costs extra that would be great.

    simon5 on #6763

    I’ll try to reach John again about it, he’s been hard to reach lately hehe ! 8)

    simon5 on #6764

    John told me that lighter TD10 and TD12 cones was something that Nick was really hoping to do. It could add a little bit of efficiency but until we get to a point where we can afford a large quantity of cones like this, it just isn’t practical here, so unfortunately, not possible for now.

    As for the TD15 prototype, he will take a look at that link and I’ll try to update you later.

    simon5 on #6765

    As for the TD15 prototype, John never had any interest on that prototype before, no one asked him to build it. What that is was a standard TD motor with the Dipole coil. This makes a very low inductance underhung midrange.

    If you are really interested in it, I guess John could custom build it for you, since it’s standard parts. But it will not be cheap… probably as expensive or more expensive than a standard TD15M. 8)

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