Sealed vs Ported enclosure for my AE TD12s & AE TD6m

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    dj sugafree on #1353

    Hello friends, my name is DJ Sugafree. I purchased a pr of TD12S and a pr. of TD6M transducers. I am requesting help with the enclosure for each speaker I really prefer which ever enclosures works the best to get the most out of each driver for tight, deep, and musical bass. My understanding is that a 2.9 cu ft ported for the woofer and a .18 sealed for the mid is about as good as it gets. My goal is to build the best 3 way possible. My tweeter is the Audax TW025A20 1″ metal dome. All three speakers are of 93db 1watt at 1 meter. My thoughts are to run the TD12S woofers from 40hz to 320-400hz crossed over to the TD6M form 320-400hz to 2500-2860hz crossed to the Audax tweeter at 2500-2860hz and up. My thinking is that each speaker should only cover about 3 octaves. I would like to pick the brains of you more experienced DIY guys on size and shape (how deep should to eliminate the standing wave & should it be rectangle or curved going back) of the enclosures that would work best to get the desired performance that is expected from AE speakers. I already have baltic birch plywood and MFD, rockwool, tight bond glue, Dynamat barrier dampening, & quiet kote spray from my last build. I have a minidsp 4x10HD with the mic and 4×10 plug in. I will be tri-amping the whole system. I have high current Adcom solid state amps gfa-565 mono pair for the woofers, gfa-555 stereo for the mids, & a gfa-535II for the tweeters all of which have the elite mods & upgraded by Big Sky Audio LLP & I also have a pair of Will Vincent’s super dyna MKIII built tube amps for the mids if needed. My Pre-amp is the Mcintosh C-500 solid state version. I am running two dedicated lines to my 2 channel room etc… So what i’m trying to say is I am pretty versatile when it comes to amplification. I just want to be able to represent Acoustic Elegance speakers in a world class way. I have a lot of Altec and Klipsch fans here in Oklahoma that think I waste my money on AE speakers. LETS SHOW THEM! Thanks to all that contributes to this project. Thanks again. 8) 😐 Also how would the apollo upgrage on the TD12S benefit me in my setup is it just the power compression since i’m running them up to about 400hz. My Adcom GFA-565 mono blocks are about 380 real high current watts each dampening factor is 1000. I also have a pair of Altec 9440A amps which are 800 real watts brided mono into 8 ohms with a dampening factor of 800.Thanks

    taloyd on #11358


    Looks like you have all the ingredients to built a very, very nice speaker (especially the MiniDSP, as without that you’d be quite handicapped with passive crossovers).

    I’d recommend posting on the site, as there will be much more visibiblity, and you’ll get much more response than here. You can even copy/paste the message.


    dj sugafree on #11359

    Thanks I will do. 8)

    dj sugafree on #11360

    Ok Gurus, please chime in. I am ready to start with the enclosure. When using the AE TD12S for frequencies for 40hz to say 300hz which is where my baffle step is. Would I get the best results SQ & deep bass from slot port, round port, sealed, or TL. What is the advantages and disadvantages of each and the difficulty of building the enclosure. Thanks
    PS: Show your knowledge and take us to school!!! 😆

    dj sugafree on #11361

    Where’s all the Gurus, come on guys show your skills. Let’s see who can come up the perfect speaker design for this three-way project. Remember I can make this a 4-way if it will make a huge difference not having to run the TD12S down so low. I could crossover at 60-70Hz to my dayton audio RSS315HFA-8 subs if needed they can handle the lows with no problem. Let the project begin. Chime in Gurus!!! 💡

    Face on #11362

    What about your thread on DIY? I would also check out PE’s Tech Talk.

    dj sugafree on #11363

    I’m trying to several ideas and put them all together for the best possible enclosure.

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