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    distronic on #1099


    In the near future I would like to order three (3) SBP 12’s for an IB install. I read that the lower-priced IB12’s had been discontinued and I can’t find information on the store page for this driver. Also, what is the lead time from order to charge/ship? I might want to place earlier if I am not charged right away. Anyway, if you could let me know via PM or e-mail, that would be great!

    Thank you,


    simon5 on #10585

    Everything is built to order, so you are charged the full price up front, but you can exclude shipping, which you can pay later when your order is ready.

    Lead time is usually 4 weeks but currently there’s a big group buy so lots of order needs to be filled so stating a firm lead time would be hard.

    distronic on #10586

    Thanks simon.

    Is this group buy something I can still participate in, or did you mean that the big group buy order is being fulfilled right now?

    simon5 on #10587

    The big group buy is being fulfilled right now. After that is finished, then lead times should be more predictable.

    stryke on #10588

    hello Kristian,

    If you send an email to info (at) we can get a quote with the shipping. SPB12-4’s and IB12AU-4 can be available in about the same time. Those should be able to be filtered into the build queue in small quantity in about 4 weeks. Woofers are not stocked and always built to order and I don’t see the lead times going down for quite awhile. Placing an order and making payment now will lock your place into the build queue.

    The SBP12’s are $279 and the IB12’s are $189.


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