replacing JBL 2226 in 8 cu feet box.

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    rlsound on #1336

    I’ve modeled the TD15M in an 8 cu foot box made by JBL ( 4648 ). The problem that I’m seeing is that, the box is tuned to 40hz, it appears that achieving a flat response to this frequency will result in over extention of the XMAX.

    I cannot remember the wattage I modeled it with but it was around 500-800 watts.

    What driver would be suitable for this application? Also, does the TD15M can be ordered with 16 ohm VC?

    m.m.m. on #11293

    Hello! Well the TD15M has the smallest x-max and will suffer when used with high power in low frequencies… Like many other cloth-surround drivers including the JBL 2226. The M shines in the mid and midbass area where it gives you very high sound quality and high sensitivity.
    If you want to compromise the sensitivity a little you can go with the TD15X and have much more x-max. But 8 cf3 is a lot. There are really many possibilities including the TD18h+ 8) But then you need a jigsaw…


    Face on #11294

    The 15S or 15X would work well in that cabinet, but you’ll need to tune it lower or have a large peak at the tuning frequency.

    stryke on #11295

    The JBL 2226H has slightly more Xmax at 7.6mm vs 6mm for the TD15M. You will get much lower distortion and more defined output from the TD15M. The pair of TD15M in that enclosure will reach Xmax limits at about 700W at 66Hz with a level of 128.5dB. The 2226H reach Xmax at about 1200W input at that point and a level of 130.5dB. The 2226H are capable of 2dB more output but the TD15M is going to have much more accuracy. It really depends on how much output you need.

    The enclosure almost looks like it could fit a pair of TD18H+ though. The response curve is almost identical to that of the TD15M. They have 14mm Xmax and with an input of 2000W would give a level of 132.9dB at the same point with a flatter curve. Peaks of even more power could be applied. It may take some modification but if the TD18H+ could be made to fit you would have a huge upgrade.

    rlsound on #11296

    Thanks for the replies!

    John, that’s really an interesting idea, to install TD18s in the box. Realistically, I should just build a new box to run the TD15M in. Something to think about!

    rlsound on #11297

    Also John, What is the possibility of getting 16 ohm coils for the TD15m and td18h+?

    stryke on #11298

    Interestingly the TD15M and TD18H+ need almost the same box volume. The response curves look very similar on the low end. The difference is 4x more output capability from the TD18H+.

    It is possible to get a custom coil. The charge is $100 total charge per sample lot of coils. This will get from 6-10pcs depending on what they run for the samples.

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