Replacement por JBL K-145

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    maxserg on #1341

    Hi guys what would be a good AE replacement for a k-145. They are in a 4.5cu. ft. cabinets. Thanks!

    maxserg on #11318


    stryke on #11319

    I’m not specifically familiar with this driver but have looked it up. I can’t find any parameters for it but based on efficiency and use, the TD15M is going to be the closest upgrade for it. If you are using it in a bass guitar cabinet the TD15M should be a nice upgrade.

    maxserg on #11317

    Thanks Stryke!

    I use it for music playback with JBL horn/lens and 2420 driver.

    stryke on #11320

    You will notice significantly more accuracy with the TD15M. The K-145 is really designed as a musical instrument driver and as a result not intended to have flat response. All around the TD15M should be a huge upgrade.

    maxserg on #11321

    Thanks Stryke for the info!

    I’ve seen variants of the K-145 used in Hi-Fi models sold by JBL but I don’t remember witch one…

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