Recommendations for my car?

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    jbowers on #1233

    I’m thinking of trying IB for the first time. Reading threads on DIYMA makes me question what’s too little or too much for my car. I’ve got a Jetta with about 13 cubic feet of airspace in the trunk. Knowing that the trunk (and the car in general) is leaky and will present a larger apparent airspace, I can’t wrap my head around what will work best. I’d love to do a pair of SBP15s, but will they work well in that amount of airspace? Would a pair of 12s or even a single 15 be a better choice? School me before I make a bad decision.

    stryke on #10939

    The SBP15 really doesn’t need a lot of enclosure volume. A Qts .707 enclosure is around 5 cubic foot, so a pair could easily work well in your trunk. You may also want to check out this post I made here as it will give you some other good information:

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