Real Photos of TD15H, TD15S

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    Guy 13 on #9119

    @face wrote:

    @Guy 13 wrote:

    @KAMIKAZE wrote:

    Please. And do closer look photo, with macro)

    I hope there are not too many potential buyers like him !
    Maybe you send him an X-ray showing the molecule structure of the basket…
    With a nick name or real name like that, no wonder he`s rude…
    Guy 13

    You dug up this old post just to be an ass?

    No, I did not dug up that old post to be an ass, but to be a smart ass. LOL !
    By the way, is there a law against digging up old post ?
    Where is your sense of humour ?
    Guy 13

    Brendon on #9120

    For future reference, I found a forum with good images of the Dipole 18:


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