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    tromba on #713


    I would like to make OB speakers with AE 15˝ open baffle driver. How much power do I need?

    I also like to know, which mid woofer and tweeter can you recomand me for complete OB speakers. Can I use AE 10˝ for midrange?

    simon5 on #7550

    With OB15 or Dipole15 ?

    Anyway, both don’t need much power, under 300W usually.

    You could use an OB10 or Dipole10 for midrange, or wait for the TD6-Dipole, since I guess you want it to be open baffled too.

    For the tweeter, do you want open baffle too ? Or Bipole ? If yes, I’m not sure what to recommend.

    stryke on #7551

    Hi tromba,

    The kit we are offering is a pair of Dipole15s (or dipole 12’s if someone wishes), the Dipole 6, and we’ll be using the ESS Heil AMT with it to keep the system full open baffle over the entire range. Other tweeters could be substituted, but the AMT really achieves what we wish for a full open baffle system and there are few other choices as highly regarded. Crossover points are 300hz and 3KHz. This is a full active system and we are working with the minidsp units for processing our systems after they came so highly recommended by Randy Kunin of Sounds By Design.

    The Dipole15’s and Dipole6’s are available to order right away. We have a small stock, 4-5pcs of the Dipole 6 in stock and ready to ship out immediately. This is truly a world class system that will have no equal at any price.


    tromba on #7552

    Thank you for answers.

    Do I need two Dipole15 (two Dipole 12) on channel?

    tromba on #7553


    I am very interested for that kit. How much it costs? Are ESS Heil AMT tweeters included?

    simon5 on #7554

    @tromba wrote:

    Thank you for answers.

    Do I need two Dipole15 (two Dipole 12) on channel?

    John usually recommend a pair of Dipole15 per channel, yes.

    tromba on #7555

    So, I need to know the price of complete kit with 4 Dipole15, 2 Dipole6 and 2tweeters and shipping costs to Ljubljana airport.

    Room size in m: w/d/h= 7,5m/7,5m/2,5m
    Can you recomand me dimensions for speaker system (panel)?

    Johnl on #7556

    Might I ask what the baffle is going to look like on this? Is it going to be a plain flat baffle, or will some kind of wings be involved. And mounting the AMT? On top of or behind? I’m really curious, I’ve been thinking about this myself for a while.

    tromba on #7557

    I am thinking about simple plain flat baffle, maybe something like Hawthorne audio trio, or something like Granada speakers, etc.

    Tweeter can be somewhere in the middle, fixed in hole.

    stryke on #7558

    There is no real absolute right way to do it. With DSP you can get away with almost anything now days. I’m planning for a more modular approach. I’ll be going with a normal baffle with 3-6″ radius corners on the vertical edge. Then extend the wings backwards. This will help lower the cutoff of the baffle without getting too wide in the room. I’m thinking that the bass and midrange section will be separate and can be stacked. This also allows for building of other top end sections like a feastrex fullrange, etc. You can get some mechanical time alignment by sliding the midrange section backwards slightly as well. I’m going to start experimenting with the AMT on top but eventually it will probably find a home on the baffle also.

    tromba, can you forward that message to beth (at) aespeakers.com and she can get you quote on monday.


    tromba on #7559

    Thank you for informations!

    So,where can I start? 😛

    tromba on #7560


    Dipole15 and Dipole6 is the best option and there is nothing to fault, am I right?

    simon5 on #7561

    Sure ! 8)

    tromba on #7562

    Thank you!

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