Passive Radiators?

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    AES formerly sold Passive Radiators. I don’t see any on the products section.
    Will AES be bringing back Passive Radiators?
    If not AES, then whom?
    I have two AES AV15H drivers, love them. Would like to try PR to extend the bottom end on my build. Are there rough parameters to match with the AV15H’s? or is it dependent on the cabinet volume? ion w
    In advance, thanks,

    Keymaster on #29086

    We are able to still make passive radiators upon request. They are not up on the website currently as we do not currently have a good way to package them. We will be figuring this out early next year and have them on the site again.

    Passive radiator mass depends on the cabinet volume. Typically a pair of PR18-2500’s are used with a single AV15 in about 5 cubic foot. This gives at 16hz tuning.

    Muser on #29092

    I’m designing differently, I suppose, than most. I chose a cabinet size my wife and I could agree on (3.5^ft). I built a sealed box which has given pretty good performance, but wanted to see what adding a PR to that size would yield. I am not expecting 16Hz,but hoping to add a few meaningful Hz extension.

    Keymaster on #30202

    Yes, you could use the PR’s even in a 3.5cf enclosure. Realize also that you typically want 2-4x as much displacement from the PR’s as the woofer. That means at a bare minimum 2x 15″ PR’s with the AV15H but ideally 2x PR18 with a single AV15H to not limit the output or risk damaging the PR’s.

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    700hp on #51503

    Hi John,

    I bought two of the AV15H and four of the PR18-2500 from you several years ago and built the cabinet to the plans you use to have. It is composed of two opposing AV15H and four opposing PR18-2500 in a cabinet that is 1 1/4″ thick on all six sides, it has the metal rod you stated to use that runs from the top to the bottom, and is built over a 2″ x 4″ frame. It is very heavy, and I believe at the time you considered this build your ultimate subwoofer.

    I have never got to use it due to job lay-offs/moving and other negative events for all those years. I was finally going to use this and two of the passive radiators got ruined during the moving process.

    Can/will you make/sell me at least two replacement passive radiators? If yes, what would be the price for each?



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